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How have I not known this until now. "Importantly, arrow functions don't have their own this value so they're handy when you want to preserve the this value from an outer method definition." re: JS

That took a while to get sorted but loading map pins on demand React-Leaflet with PostGIS and .NET Core on the backend.

First time playing with and this morning. Very sick!

This design is pretty cool >> Google and Apple Plan to Turn Phones into COVID-19 Contact-Tracking Devices

I wonder if anyone in NW uses’s location-based groups and will notice my attempt to organize some virtual games nights.

Today seemed like a good idea to setup , , and another instance of on

Use my Federated Cloud ID to share with me: 57aed6d362b816e395d18914a327a9cd

“Mom. I see a motorbike.” - as I ride by on my unicycle.


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