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I can’t even begin to say how refreshing these were after a long day of hiking in Kananaskis. 💚

I haven’t used a Desktop PC for years. OMG. I’d forgotten how joyful it is to use a machine that isn’t constantly throttled by thermal issues. And this is an old i7 that came from a pile of recycling at work.

I want to use RaspberryPi computers for so many things, but I have near 100% failure with them. They won’t sync video with TVs, they fail to boot, the crash randomly, SD failures, etc. I don’t understand how others use these things. NextCloudPi, PiHole, etc.

Just discovered today. This is awesome and a great way to play some games with friends in a friendly way.

Fascinating talk on privacy in health care by . U.S. focused, but has me wondering, and a bit worried, about what the situation is here in Canada. TIL HIPAA isn’t at all what I thought it was.

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Super excited by the “Challenges for Security in a K-12 School District” talk with at

OMG. Bluetooth mouse support on iPad is so good!

Adventures with Golang, WebSockets, Create-React-App and NGINX


Play testing the mostly finished game with the family. It’s working… OMG… It’s working!


One of my favourite security tools!


Coincidentally, we've reached another major milestone.

Cryptomator just reached one million total downloads! 🎉

Thank you all for your support and passion! ❤️ The past four years have been incredible. Keep on crypting! 🤖


Hmmm… our water pressure seems abnormally low. Another sign of the Covpocalypse?

Hiya - looking pretty good. Be nice to make the Linux app resizable though. If you are still on an older laptop with a low res display, you can’t actually get the controls on the screen so it’s unusable 😢

Started work a couple days ago on a multiplayer web-based COVID friendly party game. It’s been coming along pretty well. Go is slowly coming back to me. What a fun language.

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