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today's progress but poem(?) form 

Keys clack, hunger stack
Little fireworks right on track
Fly, try, unknown sky

(Made a GIF for a thing on bird place. Might as well post it here too since it's cute🤸)

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Project Anomaly update (possibly the last one): Finally figured out how to create a #Steam page which includes the demo! Highly appreciate it if you could wishlist it & give some constructive feedback! :) | #indiegame #gamedev #indiedev #mastoart #screenshotsaturday

Indiepocalypse #29 released today! Indiepocalypse is a monthly anthology/bundle of games I curate and release to support (and pay!) indie devs making games that don't fit into the traditional commercial model of games.

Welp, since it’s #pridemonth I’m gonna share for the internet’s void some art I did in different styles (realistic 3D modeling, ink and watercolor)
ヾ( ̄ω ̄)

And now I’m gonna sleep, I studied a lot today and I’m tired, also my wrist is hurting from modeling (´-εヾ )

Good gay night ☆
#art #3d #pride #queer #gay #MastoArt #mastodon #ArtBrave #asian

Happy pride month!
To celebrate, here is some of my #aviationart in bi palette ❤️💜💙

I realised I'm the only one posting under this hashtag here, which is nice as I'm the opposite demographic of who aviation art attracts on Facebook groups and art galleries usually so I tend to not take part. Join me to make it gay 🌈, also recommend me some artists who draw airplanes and pilots in love!


Sneaking late at night to do the most evil deed of..

washing dishes🔥


~Random article of the day~
Roommania 203, Dreamcast

A beautiful example of that special kind of very *Dreamcast-y* Dreamcast game:


screenshots of my work from recently. these are the electric ruins in one of the spaces you shortly explore.

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