If governments of the world realised (as I've often suggested) that they should be funding critical digital #FOSS infrastructure, instead of OAuth run by mega corporations, slurping our data with their surveillance capitalism bizmodels, we'd be using Mozilla Persona and our lives would be better for it. Huge opportunity missed. Sadly, by failing to take it, you've thrown further fuel onto the fire currently razing our national and personal sovereignties.


@lightweight A murderer is less to be feared.

Surely those involved with what people know as 'government' are showing us precisely what they are and what motivates them... which is advantageous. The hard part is creating a situation of universal awareness to the fact, but this conversation made things a little better in that regard.

The idea of government isn't to make our lives better, though. Too many not very nice people have embedded themselves inside those systems.

@OpenSource I've met a few relevant folks here in NZ. I'm pretty sure the problem is one of institutional culture and general ignorance more than ill intent, but I'm sure there's a bit of that, too. And a fair bit of self-serving, too.

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