FB/Twitter - Mastodon
FB chat - signal/sms
Google search - Use duckduckgo
Google mail - Self hosted / use protonmail
Apple? - Use Android, but only fdroid.org applications.
Microsoft - Use Ubuntu Linux.

The hardest thing was to move email addresses. Something that an older generation would find easy now is quite hard as we have associated email -> id.


Gmail: protonmail.com/
Drive: nextcloud.com/
Google Docs/Sheets: collaboraoffice.com
Twitter: @Mastodon
Analytics: matomo.org/
Snapseed: darktable.org/
Maps: osmand.net/
Chat: irc.org/
Search: duckduckgo.com
Whatsapp: telegram.org
Organiser: github.com/dmfs/opentasks

In the interests of full disclosure we are still using FB and Twitter but generally winding down across 2018

@apertus @OpenSource @Mastodon
Nice list.
However, Telegram has some serious security concerns. I think Signal and Wire are better choices at the moment.

@wakingrufus @OpenSource I just tooted how I am slowly moving to Telegram, what are those security concerns, can you share some links?

> Darktable
Misses the point of Snapseed. Snapseed is made to edit on the go.
*starts laughing*
If you have mentioned #Telegram, then why don't you propose it again? It's much more convenient and suitable for chats.

@USBloveDog @apertus it's not. It's simple, and it's its only advantage, if not counting that it's lightweight.

@OpenSource As an individual,

Gmail: FastMail, eyes on LavaBit
Google: DuckDuckGo
Google Docs: LibreOffice (rarely)
Twitter: Mastodon
Maps: OpenStreetMaps
Mac OS X: elementary OS
Browser: My very own Odysseus
Netflix: Blender Open Moview, Vimeo

Should I note I have my eyes on SyncThing over Google Drive, and Tox over WhatsApp.

Except for falling to the social pressure of Skype, I don't actively use any services from these companies.

@OpenSource Oh, I forgot to disclaim. I'm still on (an old) iPhone, but I'd love to be able to switch to the Librem 5.

On the otherhand I'd have to switch browsers to watch Netflix or the other major streaming sites. Or if they're still using Silverlight I guess I could flip a WebKitGTK switch, but I won't.

@alcinnz syncthing is nice, works good for me out of the box, use it on linux & android to synchronize music. Tox tho, it's super unfinished, i'd rather suggest Signal or Wire, both are opensource and pretty mature (Wire on android want's GP services sadly)


I only use twitter to send stuff to famous people

I only really use facebook to manage the 11,000 likes cyberpunk page I run, to promote awareness about stuff like this

I've started using protonmail on job applications

aaaaaand I run Linux :D

@vantablack 11000 lines? That's interesting, at least. I would have thought the venn diagram of "people who would like a cyberpunk page" and "facebook users" were two separate circles

@eq nah, lotta people begrudgingly use FB just because it's the only way to maintain contact with some people lol

like homeless people w/ no phone service, etc.

like I haven't texted someone outside of my parents in years except as a backup, it's always facebook messenger now lol

twitter, facebook -> mastodon
gmail -> fastmail+custom domain, plan to self host eventually
google search -> duckduckgo
google keep -> standard notes
chromecast -> kodi
google assistant -> mycroft
project fi -> verizon
google domains -> namecheap
android -> copperheados
youtube -> newpipe
macbook -> old thinkpad running

microsoft is hard, my uni uses office365, and it is /still/ hard to game w/o windows

@jrmyhrtmn @OpenSource Only suggestion I'd make would be to maybe look for an email provider outside the us and check out gandi.net instead of namecheap.

google maps -> transportr + osm&live

@mathuin @OpenSource i chose fastmail as a stopgap solution because i couldn't find cheap non-us hosting w/ custom domain, caldav, and carddav support (all of which are necessities for me). is there a reason you recommend gandi over namecheap? i've seen others recommend it, but i don't know of any benefits and it seems pricier. also, yeah i forgot to mention gmaps -> osm.

@jrmyhrtmn @OpenSource Just open gandi.net with umatrix activated and compare it to namecheap, you'll see my main reason.

But I've also found gandi to be more flexible in how I handle my mx adresses. I couldnt make my posteo.net setup work with namecheap so I switched to gandi.


@OpenSource As a translator for all of these organizations, my life is too intertwined with them for me to get rid of any of them except Twitter, which I'm ready to cut out of my life with Mastodon replacing them. I can, however, complete the switch to Protonmail from gmail and switch nonessential services to open-source alternatives.

@OpenSource (Just checked what apps from those companies were on my Phone. Twitter is gone. Google Maps, YouTube, Google Drive and a bunch of non-core Facebook apps are gone. For many of those I won't need a replacement so it's extra space to put more songs on).

The biggest one for me this year was getting rid of Google Play Music . I've replaced it with an Ampache server on My Nextcloud machine .
I mostly use opensource software and Mastodon is the only social media I have .
Linux or more specifically Debian is the only OS I will use on my Desktop .



- Everything I touch runs Linux. Shouts out to PureOS in particular.

- deployed Nextcloud on a VPS. Looking to ProtonMail as a Gmail replacement. Migrating entirely this year.

- barely used it, but Mastodon is already far more interesting.

- F-Droid only AOSP until ships. No Macbook, but a .

- this one is gonna be tough...

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