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We at Mutual Interest are considering an article series of supporter(s) and skeptic(s) of MMT having a polite, informative discussion that people unfamiliar with the topic can enjoy.

Anyone interested?

We pay our writers, who also become member-owners if they write 2 articles in 3 months or 4 articles in 12 months.

DM me or email me at

You can read Mutual Interest here:

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Our dataset from live human brain cells, which contains electrophysiological, morphological & transcriptomic properties gathered from individual cells, is publicly available to accelerate research worldwide. Access via

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Let me introduce two groups.

First, (OE).
OE isn't software, but Fosstodon may still find it interesting.

OE is an English #language editing service for scholars. We're able to serve Chinese scholars (WeChat pay).

Our main challenge is finding clients. Any help in that regard would be appreciated.

OE does not pursue profit maximization for shareholders. Instead we provide better compensation for our editors. We aim to exit as a #workercoop.


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Just had a great chat with @Openwords about their progress and cooperative aspirations. Sharing this guide to multistakeholder #coops was a next action, and figured it might be of interest to #socialcoop peeps:

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"University of California terminates subscriptions with world’s largest scientific publisher in push for open access to publicly funded research"

Context for those not in the US: this is huge. UC is a uniquely enormous and influential university system in our country. When they do things, many other universities follow suit.

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What are OER universitas (OERu) partners planning for #OER in the future? Read our report from the 2018 international meeting: #OERu18

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The first #WorkerCoop conversion in #Vermont to be partially financed by my organization's revolving loan fund, Vermont Computing Cooperative, has just paid that loan back in full with interest, so it will be available to the next group of employees of modest means seeking to #GoCoop... 💖

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"The Fund for Employee Ownership is a groundbreaking new investment fund that will acquire small and medium sized businesses, convert them to employee ownership, and support them for the long haul as part of the Evergreen's network. "

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Some new #ActivityPub implementation have been added to this list (now numbering 54 apps or libraries):
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Draft guide I put together today for financing sources for #WorkerCoop conversions. It's tailored to #Vermont, but much of the material is more widely applicable. Comments are turned on and feedback is most welcome:

#coopcapital #coopfinance #WorkersToOwners

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What kinds of development methods have successful tech worker #coops adopted?

I'm assuming these methods look more like variants on #agile than "waterfall", but I also expect they're different from variants from outside the coop movement (Scrum, etc).

If that's true, has there been any effort to compare experiences and come up with some takeaways from them (if not actually formalize a new method and give it a name)?

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About to head off to a BBQ and strategy meeting for the #Vermont Solidarity #Investing Club at #BTV #CoHousing.

Our club is pushing $20k of member assets in building the #coop economy, and I'm looking forward to hashing out how we build our scale and impact in the coming year.

#coops #coopcapital #vt

We are excited to announce that we received a grant from - supported by US Ignite and

This grant features the value of high speed internet & will support @Openwords tech development and connect classrooms across borders. Thank you for the opportunity!

We were open about our objectives to exit as a or a public benefit corporation. Great to obtain support while being open about a new economy.

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@dansup When you take VC, you sell the company. No ifs, no buts. We keep getting surprised as the sale usually just takes several years to complete. C’est la “exit”.

This is why VC investment is incompatible with sustainable businesses with social missions. And why I keep harping on about how we must support projects that benefit the commons from the commons (

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We Are Updating Our Occult Privacy Policy

At some point in the last few years, we have:

) Viewed you through a scrying pool and/or mirror
) Crafted a double of you from blood and willpower and used it to manipulate your moods and actions and/or
) Sunk into a dark liquid pool, then rose again to the surface but the surface was your eyes, through which we saw all you saw, thought as you thought, as intimate as breath.

Due to new legislation, now we have to ask:
Can we keep doing all that?

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Do you have a project in mind for an open textbook or other open educational resources? The Rebus Community is inviting new projects for its beta rollout of its new platform for project organization, recruiting of collaborators, and more. Particularly looking for projects from outside of N. America and that include marginalized voices. I have a project w/Rebus and they're great!

See here for more info and how to apply:


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