Look at this Grey Heron we saw earlier today. Just standing in one leg, chillin'... Not much fear of people. Wondering if he thought we'd be tasty.

Here's a pic from this morning's walk. I'm still impressed with the Pixel2's 'night vision' camera mode, but I'm also still unsure about its colour balance.

I went for a walk today. Donald likes to trot alongside me for a while, and it's adorable!

Pi R paid a visit today - came right into the garden. I'm not a fan of grey squirrels, but look at him - he's gorgeous!

I've talked about Donald Pheasant coming around to visit me. And that Pi R Squirrel occasionally pops by.

Well, it turns out they know one another!

I'm genuinely surprised the cygnets are still here. I'm going to miss these guys when they leave the nest.

The local grey squirrel has started coming around as well now. Wish we had red squirrels here rather than the these invaders!

I wondered if my cygnets would still be here, after seeing 6 swans in the air on Friday. But they are! At least for a little while more. They're gradually losing all the grey though. I'm going to miss these little folks when they fly away for good.

This crow picked up a flower to bring back to its nest. It seemed quite pleased with itself!

'Donald' is getting more used to me coming out to feed him, and less hesitant about being fairly close to me when I'm putting food down. Part of me worries about how he acts around other people though.

Oh, yeah, we were in Dublin at the weekend. Here's a Dublin swan in St. Stephen's Green.

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It seems we're down to just four cygnets now. I'm assuming the other two have already left, and that these four will be leaving soon. I'm going to miss these little dudes, and the way they come over to see me.

I don't always take a picture of the dawn skies, but I must admit I've been doing it a lot lately.

Some of the colours are just gorgeous though. This is what I saw this morning.

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