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Whenever I pitch a show to my friends the tend to respond "how many episodes until it gets fucked up?"

I'm upset they've figured me out so well

If an artist gives u a timeframe and they have left you waiting beyond that (especially without communication) and/or are posting TONS of personal work, that's one think I can understand being upset about

but jfc commissions are work, a lot of people set schedules for themselves, do you seriously expect us to work on your commission every waking second we can??

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legit saw someone claiming that any artists that do this are taking advantage of people

or another person who was like "could you imagine ordering something from amazon and it taking 2 months because a employee didn't feel like working"

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Seeing an artist make a silly tweet about posting personal art while still working on commissions and a good chunk of the comments are people talking about how unprofessional and rude that is

and like...

My family decided not to get together for Thanksgiving

and its like a weight has been lifted, I am very relived

I wont say it forgives the issues, because it doesn't

but it certainly explains a lot of how and why she went about things the way she did

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Its weird to think that by my age (27) my mother was raising a 6 and a 5 year old

but it also puts into perspective a lot of things about my mother and how she raised us

Someone worked hard to make this a beautiful presentation!

anyway, I have a box that is filled with carefully folded wrapping paper, and burlap strings and ribbons

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Whenever something I buy comes beautifully packaged I'm always both delighted and annoyed

annoyed because I feel bad throwing out the nice paper, and string/ribbons and stickers/labels

When Trump was elected there was no "Listen to Democrats, listen to the other side of the story" or "Show compassion for the loss the left is feeling"

but now that he's thrown out we're being told to show compassion, reach out, comfort and lend an ear to the fears and worries of those who were gleeful to hurt and stomp on the marginalized.

absolutley go and step on a lego

and its so...frustrating that its like "California requirement is for gatherings of 10 and under" so the focus is on what's allowed vs what is SAFE
not to mention those Covid Guidelines are for gatherings of 10 people, wearing masks, gathering for under 2 hours and staying OUTSIDE

and I know thats NOT the case for any of the gatherings planned

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God, hearing my family is still planning to have get togethers for Thanksgiving and Christmas and that its fine because its under 10 people

It's a secret I keep tucked inside my chest

With this heart of mine that's guilty not remorseful

There is love that doesn't have a place to rest

But it would have buried you if it had settled on your shoulder

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