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anyway, those are my pride thoughts for this pride month

I can say for certain, I ain't straight

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I've never said this out loud but
I think I might identify as lesbian

I still feel most comfortable in the ace/aro identity (especially ace) and I honestly can't imagine ever dating or being with anyone romantically or sexually but I am for sure attracted to women.

Sexuality isn't rigid, despite the fact that a lot of people would like everyone to fit into neat little boxes, that's just not how it is. So I'm not sweating the details and the "logistics" but its been on my mind lately

all I'm saying is Vampires and periods are incredibly untapped and its a shame

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@taureancheer this belated but Happy Birthday!!
I hope you're enjoying that good vacation time!!

"I don't know if I vibe with the whole Virgo = angel motif"
My friend: "what if you go down a biblically accurate angel route?"

A custom tunic I ordered from the brand Holy Voids
(I have ordered all my custom pieces at wildly different times, they’re just all arriving within this timespan apparently)

sexual assault mention 

It is disappointing but not surprising that when talking with people about Norse history and I bring up the culture's harsh punishments for sexual assault, there is always at least one guy who (usually in a kind of horrified tone) goes "but what if she was LYING??"

and it really is like...if I had said they had harsh punishment for thievery, would you have had the same reaction??

Decided to do a three card tarot self-read today, just for fun

drew The Tower, Reversed IX of Wands and Reversed Death


The phrase "Don't commit to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it" proves truer and truer everyday

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God, the illustration I've been working on for a zine has been a point of stress for some time now because I really felt lost on how I wanted to take it to a finish and none of my thumbnails or color tests were offering reassurance and I kept resisting scraping it because the deadline is very soon.

But yesterday, after futzing with an alternative wip I finally scrapped it and today I've been zooming through the new wip. I feel so much happier and excited to work on it! Its so nice

My peace lily is sprouting a flower for the first time since I got it a few years ago ;0;

I feel like something about the symbolism/lore/world of Bloodborne just clicked in my brain reading this

My embroidery commission came in today, featuring my art and a quote from my favorite shitpost

Embroidery Artist is Clammy Hearts:

Finally put up this corkboard that I've had for years and did a little decorating

I also ordered some frames so I can put some prints on the wall

Made in Abyss is very much a "not for everyone" show but I ABSOLUTLEY recommend the soundtrack to everyone

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