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I started step 2 of this comic today redd.it/d073hc

while you were studying the blade i was also studying the blade. we were in the same blade class

fuck the feds
fuck the cops
don't trust any of them
PERIOD. <-- (I ended a post with a period)

tired: sword lesbians
wired: glaive lesbians
inspired: mechsuit lesbians

speaking as a trans woman, <screams for approximately an hour>

I am Victoria, hugger of robot friends.

Which is all robots.

Trans, dysphoria, shitpost 

Fix-a-flat for tires is all well and good, but where's fix-a-flat for my chest?

in 2030 gender will be abolished and everyone will be able to get custom genitals

imagine being a liberal and thinking a multibillion dollar international razor corpoation can be woke lmao

i cant wait for the neckbeard thing to come full circle because the fellas have decreed that shaving, much like wiping one's own ass, is gay

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My estrogen tastes like if lacroix made a breath mint.

Are there really people out there who can tell what their stomach is trying to tell them? Sounds fake.

Theres a device on the french chef today that is for squeezing duck.


it is the year twenty goddamn nineteen, why can I not block a channel on youtube?

Wake me up when Elon Musk has contributed to society even half as much as Naruto Uzumaki has

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