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while you were studying the blade i was also studying the blade. we were in the same blade class

fuck the feds
fuck the cops
don't trust any of them
PERIOD. <-- (I ended a post with a period)

tired: sword lesbians
wired: glaive lesbians
inspired: mechsuit lesbians

speaking as a trans woman, <screams for approximately an hour>

So y’all tumblr newbies want some Masto lore, huh? Alright

LONG AGO in a distant land
I, AKU, the shapeshifting master of darkness
Unleashed an UNSPEAKABLE EVIL, but
a FOOLish samurai warrior
WEILDing a magic sword
Stepped Forth To O-ppose me...



Before the final blow was struck,
I tore open a PORTAL in time
And FLUNG him into the future
Where my evil is LAW
Now the fool seeks to reeturn to the past
And undo the future that. is. A KU

I am Victoria, hugger of robot friends.

Which is all robots.

Trans, dysphoria, shitpost 

in 2030 gender will be abolished and everyone will be able to get custom genitals

top 10 worst bands of all time

1-10: imagine dragons

imagine being a liberal and thinking a multibillion dollar international razor corpoation can be woke lmao

i cant wait for the neckbeard thing to come full circle because the fellas have decreed that shaving, much like wiping one's own ass, is gay

My estrogen tastes like if lacroix made a breath mint.

Are there really people out there who can tell what their stomach is trying to tell them? Sounds fake.

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