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I was born before the turn of the millennium early enough to remember some part of the 20th century. Art's been part of my life since the 90s but hadn't been pursued in a serious capacity until 2010-ish.

I want to be active with my work again & help people realize there is a plausible, positive future we can make for ourselves.

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I don't know how to introduce myself. My pfp bird's beak is coated in Scheele's Green. It's hazardous for your health.

Expect some toots about yarn sooner or later.

I'm more active on tumblr & twitter these days. Just occasionally putting up artwork and pretending my personality isn't a heavy raincloud.

negative, kinda 

One thing I hate about posting art I'm proud of on other sites is, people decide my misery was the most interesting thing, & then leave.

I know, it's petty & whiny to talk about this. This will hopefully be the last time it's brought up.

In the hope that this result might dissolve someone's creative block. πŸ’š

Knit a sparkly blue square, fold it into a bunny. This yarn is sock weight, but way too itchy for its intended purpose, 'specially with the tinsel running through it.

Saw a license plate with β€œSJW” in its randomly generated glory and had a moment's disorientation that those letters haven't been banned by the local DMV.

tragedy is when I cut my finger

comedy is when a racist monument falls into a river and sinks permanently into the silt

How has empathizing with people who will look different from you for their entire life become such a controversial stance?

Racism is poison. Pure poison.

If you're following me it's a safe bet you're already doing that. I'm glad you're keeping people safe.

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Not dead, just confined to mobile for the most part, & this site's hell to use on mobile as with a few others.

While we're here, wash your hands even after this blows over.

Even my seemingly boundless, endurance flavoured optimism for the general state of anything has its limits, which are being tested a ton these days.

It does not feel like I've been here for two years, in part due to radio silence I suppose.

My home's laptop had a screen fritz which doesn't seem to be as bad as I thought. So, I just kept it off for a few days straight thinking it was the best option.

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My Christmas was alright. I got a lot of chocolate to portion out for the next few months.

Breaking my "no social media" recovery restriction to post feels a little dramatic, but it wouldn't hurt much to share some things I've done & forgot to post here.

Resuming mental health break now. Don't break anything πŸ’“

A cat-eared hat with tassels on the tips. It's positioned in a way that it appears to stand on its own.

A cone shaped children's hat fitted on a statue's head. The hat has a
leaf applique sewn to the front, & a pompom with uneven strings.

I'm increasingly uncomfortable with my drawings being symbolic or reminding me of my mental illness, partially from tumblr's flippancy when it comes to this feeling a bit violating.

Being a person out loud risks being reduced to an aesthetic & a joke.


Although popular youtubers playing my fave undervalued games could bring more fans, I don't see myself enjoying those playthroughs often.

It's irritating when someone's obviously blasting through a game not paying attention to anything else it offers, when it offers SO MUCH.

I won't & can't stop them, but I do worry what it does to our collective appreciation for games at times.

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