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"IPv6 is easy but it just takes time until everything is ready." For the second time, since @ripencc@twitter.com started allocating IPv6, a request for a subsequent /29 allocation was granted. Read NetCologne's (@NetCologneNEWS@twitter.com) story on :

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Probably starlink.awlnx.space/ will go away in the next couple of days.

As migrates to AS14593 connectivity will be lost.

Let's see when it returns.

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I was wondering about support in @NordVPN@twitter.com. The proposed autocompletions don't look promising. 🤨

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Perhaps the IPv4 - transition is like analog-digital photography was a decade ago. Yes you can still use the old kit but the world is moving on. Some tools (eg. lenses) you can keep using without change, but there are fundamental internal differences. Resistance is futile!

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V tichosti se @Alzacz@twitter.com stala dostupnou po . Díky @Cloudflare@twitter.com. 👍🏻
Proč ale používají Cloudflare funkci pro přepis IPv6 adresy na Class E IPv4 (blog.cloudflare.com/eliminatin)? Ztrácí se tím IPv6 adresa klienta a navíc to zjevně web Alzy i uživatele mate. 🤔

support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-u twitter.com/TuxNetworks/status

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Hey, @Glosbe@twitter.com, your web servers do not listen on , even though it is in the DNS. Therefore everyone on IPv6-only sees your website like this:

Do you want to help persuading people to deploy ? We still have an open position. When applying, don't forget to mention my name. 😉


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Výstupy služby Sentinel View z routerů @turris_cz@twitter.com jsou (prozatím) dostupné pouze prostřednictvím ! 👍


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Reminder: Sign up for our Open House session tomorrow about the Academy’s new Security course and Certified Professionals IPv6 Security Expert Exam! Talk to the team behind the course and exam and ask any questions you may have. Register at:

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Ondřej Caletka (@Oskar456@twitter.com) explains how the updated virtual labs environment for the Academy's new Security -learning course was built. Read more at:

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Spustit službu na dual-stack je polovina řešení. Tou druhou, složitější, je měřit na obou protokolech a data rozumným způsobem agregovat.

Zvlášť v době CGN mohou být problémy pouze s IPv4, zatímco může fungovat správně. Tunelování IPv6 může zase způsobovat opačné problémy.

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Nástroj NetTest je plně dostupný přes protokol IPv6.

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We have a new online course in the Academy - and it's all about security! Understand common security threats to IPv6 and how to counter them, and learn how to develop a high-level security strategy. Get started at:

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Our latest step towards full deployment has been to switch the management interfaces for our servers in London over to IPv6 only – both for K-root and our Authoritative DNS service. Read how and why we did this in this @ripelabs@twitter.com article:

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From to , how much has capability come on with the arrival of the next generation of @PlayStation@twitter.com gaming consoles? Tore Anderson (@toreanderson@twitter.com) looks into it in this guest post on : labs.ripe.net/author/toreander

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8th June 2011: World Day
8th June 2021: National My Broadband Provider is Crap Day @CrapBroadband@twitter.com

Videohovory ve WhatsApp a Messenger jsou plně funkční na -only síti. To je příjemné překvapení!

Kdo stále čeká na český podcast o : je to sice jen jedna epizoda ročně, ale za to živě a několik hodin. Máte poslední možnost registrace, chcete-li se zúčastnit natáčení. 🙂

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