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To celebrate the eight-year anniversary of World Launch Day, we're sharing a graph of the uptake of IPv6-capable probes in the last five years along with their location in our service region - they mark 42,6% of the currently active probes!

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Hey, @madebygoogle@twitter.com, are you aware that does not work on an -only network?
No matter whether there is NAT64 or not, the device keeps saying „try restarting your router“ 😠

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For those needing access to public @github@twitter.com repositories from only machines, you can use github-v6.com instead of github.com, like github-v6.com/netbox-community.

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The next @UKIPv6Council@twitter.com roundtable is being held online at 2pm on 28th April - to register for free visit eventbrite.co.uk/e/uk-ipv6-cou

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I have been testing roaming while Corona-stranded in 🇷🇴, using SIM cards from 🇵🇱 Orange, 🇸🇪 Tele2 and 🇳🇴 Telenor.

The results, in short:

🤷‍♂️ Digi
✅ Orange
✅ Telekom
❌ Vodafone

For full details, check out my blog post at toreanderson.github.io/2020/04

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Dear @GCPcloud@twitter.com, I have delayed my database upgrade on your platform for a few years hoping this lack of would be fixed by now. Sadly with only weeks left before a mandatory upgrade, I'm executing a from v6-only to v4-only. Not cool! Yours sincerely, an user

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Because some people manually disable , the @ubuntu@twitter.com @nginx@twitter.com package maintainers decided to stop Nginx from listening on [::]:80 by default.


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Has any one performed a packet loss, jitter and performance on MAP-T and MAP-E vs dual stack, NAT64/DNS64, or 464XLAT?

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You are my valentine; you bring me pleasure.
Your sheer range of addresses; so vast to measure.
Make this day one you’ll treasure,
and deploy ; a protocol for ever and ever.

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Today: thinking about adding support to @openssh@twitter.com to add support for SSH. This could enable VMs to be reachable via SSH from the legacy Internet. lists.mindrot.org/pipermail/op

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a tunel = blokování šesti /48 IP rozsahů, aby to vůbec fungovalo. To jsem zvědav, co jsem si všechno zablokoval.

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Google, one of the leaders in adoption, has no internal VPN that would support IPv6. That explains why so many ChromeOS features are broken on IPv6-only.

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It’s happening! Less than 100 /22 IPv4 equivalents are left to allocate. Meanwhile the waiting list got released. ripe.net/manage-ips-and-asns/i

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People keep asking, what prefix size to use where on my network.
While guiding some network operators at I gave the recommendations on the board.
@nigerian_nog@twitter.com @AFRINICAcademy@twitter.com @AFRINIC@twitter.com

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