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It's not always a total endorsement of a viewpoint. Sometimes i partially disagree. Sometimes i boost toots ironically as well. Ask me which is which, if you care enough.

It must be 50° outside. C.
Many curses on the Electricity department.

I must invest in a nail-cutter, can't realistically expect the sisters to never find out.

Changed mobile some months ago and realised only today that i didn't have Frankie and Johnny on the memory card. A very disturbing half hour.

I have long wanted to write about this, was reminded of it today as my Youtube recommender threw this up randomly. Somehow, Tamil literature doesn't talk about male tears at all. An overwhelming majority of Sangam poetry is Every Agam poem is somehow invariably a Thalaivi longing for a Thalaivan in some Thinai, or missing his presence in Paalai. Thalaivan talking about his Thalaivi is relatively infrequent. The one poem that I have seen capture the mood of the Thalaivan

Remember listening to it in my 20s and feeling old then and makes me feel like a teenager now. I'll have to write a letter to Gulzar sb, very irritating really.

I am doing it again.
Singing Gotye's Somebody lyrics to Mehdi Hassan's ghazal tunes.
Still fun.

Able to fix a flat tire and not the weak-ass YT DIY tubeless kind?
I wish i could, it's a freakin art form!
I have the same feelings about studying at a Madarsa, many of my cousins did, such a work-ethic and command over their discipline, envy.

Oh, you're a Bibliophile, haa.n?
Name all the books you've made love to.

As a fitting tribute to VD Savarkar the PM should apologize to the people.
Of Britain.

Someone sent my Father a link on WA and then followed it with 'Sir, kindly check out the link 🖕', most innocently. Been cry-laughing ever since.

Asif mob lynching: NCHRO files complaint in state rights’ panel

Rights group NCHRO filed a complaint in State Human Rights Commission, Haryana against the mob lynching of 27-year-old Asif Hussain Khan from Muslim-dominated Mewat region of the state.

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