is updated with the bookmark feature developed by @Thib.

I can already see that the action bar now looks too crowded so the bookmark function will maybe move to the dropdown menu soon.

I've also imported the Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Urdu and other new translations from Crowdin. If you would like to see those translations completed, you can contribute here:

Please look at that page before asking for new languages to be added! They are probably already there!!

@Owaisbukhari15 @Gargron I'm sure you could help start a Punjabi translation :3 that's the beauty of open source

@marie_joseph @Gargron I am sure i can but, so bloody technologically challenged, you'd be surprised!

@Owaisbukhari15 @marie_joseph @Gargron it's actually not that hard. Usually most of these websites have you do is either word or string translation. By string, I mean a sentence. So there are sentences and you can translate the sentence in your language or/and script and upload it. Also it doesn't all have to be done in one day so you can take your time.

@Owaisbukhari15 @marie_joseph @Gargron you can also ask people who know punjabi to chime in/help in and in no time we may even have a punjabi translation of the the whole website :)


@shirishag75 @marie_joseph @Gargron Ok! I should've gone with lazy instead of ignorant, i feel now. Lol!

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@Owaisbukhari15 @marie_joseph @Gargron that actually makes more sense. I have done some fixing subtitling work because translation is tricky and what may be good for me (as language) would probably be not be right or correct for the website. That's a whole different game :)

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