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Thinking about that guy who mistakenly stole vaccines but returned them once he found out what they were, is he too unable to get a jab now? Sad sad sad.

I didn't know porn was already banned in India. Hmmm!

Overconfident, boring men on the internet become experts in any field the exact moment that something they dont like happens. Abby in TLOU is too buff? Bam, suddenly all these men morph into dietitians. Superman cartoon takes liberties with colors? Bam, everyone’s a color theorist

You know that phase where you have nothing to talk about? I'm going through one such phase.

who’s good at pushing people away because i’m afraid of them getting too close to where they can really see me flaws and all

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Were we in our Zeroes, the first nine years of our lives?

dumbfounded that there are people who don't open bananas from the stem. why did you think they have a handle??

"The AJ correspondent was just saying... among the losses is an archive of 15 years of images from Gaza. Thousands of hours of video. This is how one "cleans" history. "


Recién el corresponsal de AJ decía .... adentro de las perdidas un archivo de imágenes de 15 años en Gaza. Miles de horas de vídeo. Así se “limpia” la historia.


No, scratch that, just found out that i'll have to scroll down all the way down. Everytime.

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Eid mubaarak! I see so much love & kindness in all of you(atleast the ones i follow), even in these stupid times. I wish that the future is just as kind to you, if not kinder, you lovely people!

I can now boost year old toots of mine.😎
Best strap in(on?), it's going to be Bappi Lahiri ride!

Israel says they're gonna keep killing until Palestinians are quiet

The Palestinians I know will never be quiet, and so neither will I

Someday soon, from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!

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