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James @PJM@mastodon.social

I think perhaps my strongest skill is distracting myself from my own despair.

@Nach In case you were wondering, the second season of The Expanse doesn't dispense with any of the creepiness. If anything, it kind of becomes more integral to the plot. And not in a way that examines its creepiness at all.

(Callers as in phone calls. Not people coming to call.)

I have a coworker who constantly lies to callers about whether people - including himself - are in the office. I don't understand it. It's perfectly acceptable to say someone isn't available. It's not like you'll be challenged on what they're doing, or be demanded to interrupt it. You might be asked when they will be available, but that's no different than asking when they'll next be in. It's fine to say someone will be busy for the rest of the day or week or whatever. Frankly it's embarrassing.

A slim pamphlet entitled "Things With Which I Can Be Bothered". Almost entirely blank.

Sometimes I can't get over how much I dislike the word "grok".

Remember the past? We were younger when that was happening.

There's nothing quite like Facebook to give you a weird insight into the tastes and sensibilities of people you thought you knew.

(Good luck finding your way to the end if that mess of a sentence.)

There's no-one quite so sadistic as the person running the cameras for a talk who simply refuses to switch to the one that actually shows the slide the speaker is talking about at length.

Tweeting like a fucking idiot.

Then again, it's mainly two specific people thus happens with, so maybe they're just bad understanders.

Sometimes I'll be speaking to somebody, and they'll say something that reveals that they fundamentally misunderstand me as a person, but I won't correct them. I'm not sure whether it's because I find it awkward or I just can't be bothered.

Similarly, if I gradually come to realise several minutes into a conversation that the other person has misapprehended what I've been saying, I'll usually try to bring the conversation to a close rather than explain myself.

Perhaps I'm a bad communicator.

I wrote a little Python script on my phone to read out the Thue-Morse sequence using TTS because I guess I wanted to annoy myself or something. It's endless 1s and 0s, never more than two consecutively. The relentless robot voice is a little menacing.

Aaaaah albums that end on a sad note


Stop Internet. Please.

I like it when my phone suddenly stops doing anything at all for about half a minute. "Whatever can it be thinking about?" I wonder. "I bet it's something really profound or important. My phone is so smart."

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I choose to believe that not being completely fucking useless is overrated.