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I'm fascinated by bizarre bug stories.

This one (retold by my ex-Linden-Lab-colleague Mark Ferlatte) happened in the mid-2000s.

The chain of decisions that made this possible could make a book-sized history of computing.

But if you only take one lesson: please, validate your inputs.

My @ stands of PyJaMas, because they're what I refuse to change out of.

All the promise of a weekend and I can't even summon the motivation to get dressed.

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how would such a dumbass fruit evolve?

WELL! They used to be eaten by ground sloths, mammoths and... wait for it... mastodons! Large herbivores like these don't digest their food that well -- they make up for it by eating a LOT of food. So a mastodon would eat a monkey brain, wander a dozen miles, and then poop it out, seeds intact, to grow again.

These trees still sit around today, patiently growing giant fruits for giant mammals who will never eat them.

I accidentally spent most of my life online.

Who else likes to just lie on the floor sometimes?

The cool thing about hearing doors slam in adjoining residences is that you get to enjoy that dread deep in your guts of being around powerful anger without even knowing who it's coming from.

I think perhaps my strongest skill is distracting myself from my own despair.

@Nach In case you were wondering, the second season of The Expanse doesn't dispense with any of the creepiness. If anything, it kind of becomes more integral to the plot. And not in a way that examines its creepiness at all.

(Callers as in phone calls. Not people coming to call.)

I have a coworker who constantly lies to callers about whether people - including himself - are in the office. I don't understand it. It's perfectly acceptable to say someone isn't available. It's not like you'll be challenged on what they're doing, or be demanded to interrupt it. You might be asked when they will be available, but that's no different than asking when they'll next be in. It's fine to say someone will be busy for the rest of the day or week or whatever. Frankly it's embarrassing.

A slim pamphlet entitled "Things With Which I Can Be Bothered". Almost entirely blank.

Sometimes I can't get over how much I dislike the word "grok".

Remember the past? We were younger when that was happening.

There's nothing quite like Facebook to give you a weird insight into the tastes and sensibilities of people you thought you knew.

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