@QueenBITCH Everyone is too comfortable on Twitter. Me too, but I occasionally pop up here to check it out but not really much happens.

I really want to rp Stranger Things properly again but there aren’t really fandoms here yet so that sucks :-)

β € ❛ Isn't it lovely? All alone.
β € β €Heart made of glass,
β € β €my mind of stone
β € β €Tear me to pieces,
β € β €skin to bone.
β € β €Hello. Welcome home ❜


mutant; cursed with telepathic abilities. peculiari institute.

⇝ fandomless oc, written by #INFAMY.

@LushtasticBitch Okay good! I’m glad it’s not a lost cause. I hope more people will move here with Twitter’s shit policy.

This app is kind of a pain in the toot but I guess it’s just a matter of figuring it out.

Anyone else confused at the TL? ndjsjs.

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