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Developers and designers, please be careful when using pure black with animation and scrolling. 😀

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Do I know anyone who knows StatsD or Graphite well? Having trouble understanding if it's possible to adjust the sample period for sets.

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In case anyone's interested, I wrote a looong post about why I'm leaving and how I'd like to see it improve:

Hey friends who live in British Columbia,

There’s a referendum coming up on proportional representation. I lived in Ireland and experienced a similar system. It’s good! — please talk to me about it!

What audio player apps have you used with really nice simple player screens?

Doesn’t have to be podcasts.. radio, audiobooks, meditation, music, whatever..

Here's a neat iOS developer trick I just figured out:

If you use background fetch, save a ton of memory by not loading your real UI until didBecomeActive (use a splash screen instead). When a user opens the app, it'll load the UI, but if the system just wants to launch to refresh then shut down, it can save all that memory / work.

We cut memory usage during refreshes by about 60%

Just saw the line "did the founding fathers want online platforms to pursue free speech no matter what?" in a serious newspaper.

What an insane way to come at any question this is! "What would some randos from 1776 think about this?"

Westworld Season 2 actually gets good for episode 8

Into the Breach is cool, but it'd be so so much better if they had designed the levels to be specific puzzles with a steadily increasing difficulty curve and "correct" perfect answers. Instead, they're randomly generated and it's often either too easy or too hard. There's no sense of improvement or mastery because you never know if you did it right or just got an easy/hard draw.

Major breakthrough with remote debugging and Xcode - when it stops finding my test device, right click on the device in Xcode and choose "Connect via IP Address" - type in the phones IP and it works!

The main road by our house has been closed all summer for construction. They finished early but haven't reopened the road yet so lots of people are out playing and exercising. It's oddly sweet to see people reclaiming this space!

I suppose this is where you have to go back to fundamental values and build a decision up from there instead of trying to balance pros and cons

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When I take lots of time to think through the details of a big decision, I often end up taking the least destructive route. I suppose it's because the drawbacks tend to be obvious and clear while the benefits are usually more hypothetical. One solution to this is to be spontaneous and go with your gut, but that seems like it'd lead to easily avoided mistakes as well as a clumsy implementation of the decision.

I mentioned the pope on twitter and now they're showing me hearing aid ads.

I have a very vague and badly thought out fantasy that powerful religions like Catholicism could have been in a good position to significantly help with important long term problems that governments seem to be bad at (like climate change)... if they hadn't spent so much time completely fucking up and losing all credibility with most of my generation.

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A few ideas for the Pope:

- end the celibacy requirement for priests
- allow women to hold any position in the church
- open all your files to an external investigation to identify every criminal you're protecting
- assist local authorities in prosecuting them
- compensate all the victims

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