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just modded Beat Saber and played Gangnam Style. my body vividly hates me now.

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just set up a new mastodon instance. was one hell of a fustercluck, but i persevered and got it working in the end 🎉

yay thunderstorm
yay potentially getting expensive stuff destroyed

listening to Avicii on an iPod from 2006 running rockbox flawlessly. this is how i sleep. good night world.

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please boost, financial need, immediate 

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financial need, ongoing, boosting appreciated, mh, update, etc 

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how did it suddenly turn 43 minutes past midnight without me noticing
yay insomnia 😴

and of course the first thing I do when I discover that a pc has a really loud speaker is play midi files through it
so now my new storage server is playing aerodynamic

streaming ASOT in VR while lying in bed is one of the best ways to end the day. night all o/

has the cutest service for dreamers I've seen in a very long time.

having said that, not sure if that's a good thing

god it feels so weird to be on proper (chronologically sorted) social media again
means I'm the first to break the BDFL news to people

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