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Placing of idols in 1949 was illegal. Demolition in 1992 was illegal. But two wrongs have made for land rights.

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@jamewils what IF masjid was not demolished ..based on today's judgement would SC have asked govt to demolish it to build the mandir ...

@Pandey_priyanka @jamewils what if people start destroying mosques that were built on previous hindu structures, does that then become legal based on today’s judgment? Does that mean destruction of some of our iconic monuments is completely legal?

@thishungrypanda @Pandey_priyanka @jamewils Not just mosques, churches too.
Now a precedent has been set. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

@larissaf @Pandey_priyanka @jamewils maybe a judgement that favors neither. cant say what exactly tbh but maybe something along the lines of leaving the grounds to be as it is, let it remind you what religious fanaticism can do to the unity of the country.

@thishungrypanda @Pandey_priyanka @jamewils
The powers that be would have bent backwards & moved heaven & hell to ensure that it favours them. I was expecting it.

But, am sad.
An ancient mosque was illegally demolished by a mob. And, apparently that was ok.

Like we discussed earlier, a dangerous precedent has been set. And the message that is validated is that violence works.

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