So I met the cutest girl today... outside in the cold due to a fire alarm... after lying around all day and having thrown up multiple times. ☠️

How long do we have to wait untill not every single hashtag's just spammed to the brink with "Introduction" and "Interests" toots? 😅

Way way back in the 1980s secret government emploies dug up famous dudes and ladies and made amusing genetic copies!
Now the clones are sexy teens now they're gonna make it if they try. Loving, learning, sharing, judging. Time to laugh and shiver and cryyyy! Clone High! Clone High...
(one person: @grainloom has talked about this masterpiece on here so far, I appreciate that. 👍 )

For those whom it may concirn: I am listening to and classical music, so that I can write totally songs for my theoretical band... and yes before anybody asks, I am wasting time and not studying or doing housework. :I

So far there seems to be a great lack of Of Monsters And Men appretiation on here. I'm gonna change that now!

This is my first post on this website! It's about how I adore and spend way too much time over analyzing and rereading it over and over.
Also I'm writing music right now (yay).
@kierongillen is mostly to blame for all if this.


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