@gregpak don't try your luck with raspberries then, they're the worst at that...

@damnyouwillis (Also there's a instance for comics now under comicspace.masto.host if you want to check it out. It's way small still though.)

@damnyouwillis Greetings it is I, some teutonic nerd who reads your stuff and shit.

@boggy I give you that I didn't know about this singular incident, but you have to admit that there's a difference between a few hooligans at a football game and a deliberate political march.

@boggy Just that there aren't hordes of germans screaming "Sieg Heil", because believe me if there were there'd be hella outcry. -_-

@boggy I don't know about this specific march or anything, but I do know (from personal experience and such) that there are fascist movements in the very right wing of polish nationals.
But these are small groups (in a still pretty bigotet, racist movement overall imo tbh though).
I suspect tho that the original comment stemms from the modern misuse of the word through social media where basically everything get's labeld as fasict because people just don't know better. :/

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@boggy @entuall You don't have to like Nazis or Sowjets to be a fascist. Especially polish nationalists dislike these symbols due to their countries pain under such regimes, but they can still be bigoted fascists.
(Just a side note from a history nerd: nazi germany technically wasn't even a fascist regime.)

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So I met the cutest girl today... outside in the cold due to a fire alarm... after lying around all day and having thrown up multiple times. ☠️

@crowinacastle I only listen to literal mountain goats screeming.

Rn I'm actually listening to the mountain goats though...

How long do we have to wait untill not every single hashtag's just spammed to the brink with "Introduction" and "Interests" toots? 😅

@noelle Better then all the everyone is dead or it's all a dream theories for literally everything. :I 👍

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