Listen. Don't despair. We knew this was coming.

This was a purely political judgment made by those in power. It does not change the truth. Truth is eternal and truth always wins.

Whatever has happened, has happened. We know we are right

Let's not be defeated or lose hope because if we do, we are giving them exactly what they want.

Democratic ideals may have taken a beating today but we'll rise again, provided we work towards doing so.

@ParadoxicalPari on the spot. We are going to have patience and ride out this political judgements but surely the day will come. When we don't know, but it will come for sure. The only thing we have is hope, empathy and hope. They may seem childish but are the most powerful weapons in our arsenal :)

@ParadoxicalPari well said. People are so distraught they are venting their anger on some good guys too...but labelling every sane voice as a hypocrite just because they anticipated this situation way not right.

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