Is anybody else going through political fatigue; tiredness that arises from looking at the politics (electoral) of the country? We've been fighting Covid for 2 years, but why does it feel like 6.

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"Even a few months ago, the mere idea of the U.S. supporting an IP waiver on vaccine patents would have been unthinkable....countries still holding out — Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom and EU member states — need to follow suit."

How much more Orwellian it's supposed to get before the word Orwellian is banned.

Have a strong feeling that this place might be buzzing tomorrow!

India is hit by the second wave despite allegedly massive scale vaccination. A large part of this is due to pandemic fatigue and people not following Covid-19 safety protocols. The government must lead by example here.

I am honestly waiting for the time when women's bodies will so overwhelmingly be sites of violence. The fear and anxiety we carry with us, so many cis-het men will never know.

Hello tooters, I had got logged out of my account and lost all my login details. But I'm happy to be back and will try and be more active here!

Also has anyone watched BBC's 'The adventures of Merlin"? I just started, and would like some reviews before I spend 5 seasons on it, because that CGI dragon isn't cutting it up until now.

Is Delhi flattening the curve or is the government lying about the numbers or this is just the calm before the storm?

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Let's please remember that Safoora did not deserve to be out of jail because she is pregnant, but because protesting for our rights is not a crime.

NRIs and people who do not write about atrocities against minorities in India, but elsewhere think BLM means Bhakt Life Matters.

Now locust attack. Really does feel like the end of the world.

India is a fine example of how bad a crisis can go if you do not elect a government that cares, or think scientifically, or for the people. At the moment, the government feels like apathetic headless chickens, while massive migration patterns shows the loss of faith in the government. This is ofcourse with good reason due to unplanned, hurried, and oppressive imposition of policies that have only exacerbated problems for the underprivileged citizens of the country.

"More importantly, they cannot be taken off during the shift so as not to contract infection, which in turn means the doctors cannot use washrooms in that time. They will be sweating inside the PPEs, bleeding heavily but unable to get out of it till their shifts are over. Add to that dehydration — doctors try to train their bodies by not drinking water prior to their shift to avoid going to the bathroom.

I cannot bear to share the news of deaths of migrant workers, or the factory workers. why does this world keep getting bleaker?

Anyone else decides to choose the most annoying tune as their alarm? Or do I just hate myself?

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From having to issue 83773773 clarifications to threatening punishment for not having installed Arogya Setu, the Govt's use of Disaster Management Act = Management Disaster

On the night of 31st December I broke my leg, retrospectively, no wonder I did not want to walk into 2020

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