Hey all, hoping to connect with people who are in academia and working within social sciences (but not limited to), feminists, activists, readers, writers, and anyone on the right side of the history today. Let me know who you are so I can follow you, because it's a bit hard to figure out on my own. To building safe-spaces <3

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@Prachow hey hey, fellow PhD writer. Thanks for the hey :D what are your work areas?

@Paridhigupta international trade. What’s yours and how far along are you?

@Prachow I work on feminist movements in India. And hopefully in my second last semester :) you?

@Paridhigupta writing my dissertation. Should be done soon if I can get off social media.

@Prachow haha, that's the same everywhere. I'm hoping to create a dissertation writing community once I connect with enough people here who are doing research so we can have a community rant :)

@Prachow glad you like the idea :) just let me work around it

@Paridhigupta Hey!
Doctoral student here, pursuing PhD in International Relations. I've stumbled across a few academics here, hoping to build a community and engage without all the toxicity.

@shivam_janus_bahuguna hi Shivam, get you completely. I am planning to do exactly the same once I connect with enough people here, to create some sort of safe academic space. If all goes well, should have some success in doing that. Trying to understand the workings of this space also side-by-side so I can do so

@Paridhigupta Mastodon has got features like instances and multiple accounts. Once we've all tinkered around with the features, I think a good academia will follow. The freedom here is amazing, which gives it amazing potential.

@shivam_janus_bahuguna exactly, that's what I am trying to understand, on how to create like say a 'page' as was done on other SM through this account or create another account as an academic space. Any help is welcome, if you figure it out. Please do tell!

@Paridhigupta welcome! fellow doctoral student in social work, working on environment, development, social policy!

@smeedha hi smeedha, nice to connect! How far along are you?

@smeedha in the middle of my year 4, finishing the first drafts of my primary chapters. Going quite mad. :)

@Paridhigupta ahhh, can only imagine, hang in there! Excellent time to get on a new tool where we can procrastinate some more haha

@smeedha haha, thanks a ton! And definitely, almost entire day I've been tootin'. Also I am planning to do academic threads for the academic community, especially Indian/South Asian once I connect with enough researchers here so I think that should be productive procrastinating then :)

@Paridhigupta same here heheh. excellent idea on the academic threads. i did find those useful on the birdsite..

@smeedha exactly, but somehow wasn't connecting with the right people there. I want to find more south asian and social science researchers, and I like the being able to talk format here

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