Even though I expected this, my heart breaks. Also the amount of money that will now go into the construction of an ostentatious Temple. Just so tired of tax-payer's money being spent on statues, and temples, rather than malnutrition, stabilisation of economy, and climate control.

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hello, I'm very confused as to how this works. so when I click the link on here it takes me to my browser: firstly, is it supposed to do that?
then on my browser it asks me to login but for some reason the 'Log In' button doesn't work.
Please help out, TIA.


I assume you are talking about the link to

Yes, that is supposed to open in browser. It is a different software designed for collaborative decision making (with built in polls, sub groups etc). It may be an issue with your browser, try opening the link on a computer. Or try a different browser.

@Paridhigupta @piratesin

@eggplantemoji @Paridhigupta @piratesin
Glad you figured it out. We need to speak out more on different issues to give a chance for people to see what we stand for. Also practice direct democracy among ourselves in the process. Feel free to propose changes to constitution and manifesto on issues you feel strongly about.

@eggplantemoji @Paridhigupta @piratesin
Since there was no consensus in the main group, which is open to all (gives a chance for new people to get involved in decisions, like you did), we have moved it to Associates sub group (the smaller group of people who took the next level by publicly stating their agreement with Indian Pirates constitution). You can join as an associate (just reply to ) and vote there too.

We found consensus among Associates (those who publicly agreed to Indian Pirates constitution) to publish this statement on #AYODHYAVERDICT

It took some time, but we gave everyone a chance to contribute to the statstatement. For us, not just goals, but path is also equally important.

@praveen @eggplantemoji @Paridhigupta

Missed parts of the statement in the image, check complete statement, who supported it and who all participated in the discussions. Transparency in decisions is something that we practice, not just demand from others.

@praveen @eggplantemoji @Paridhigupta

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