Violence have become an everyday part of students' lives it seems in this regime. And every time it gets worse. JNU students were brutally beaten up by the Delhi Police for taking out a peaceful March. Marching to the parliament is a democratic right, which the JNU administration, and Delhi police are tramping upon. Students' heads were bashed, legs broken, bodies beaten with baton, women students were groped and their clothes torn by male police today, for demanding education

Meanwhile, the JNU VC has not ONCE, not once talked to students of his own university. He's given TV interviews, tweeted, and released videos, but not once came out to talk to students, to meet them or their representatives, to try and understand their issue. How disgusting and spineless, and unaccountable does one have to be this insensitive to students?

@Paridhigupta Really pathetic what has becomed of the Delhi
police and the nation.

@Fameen I really don't understand, there are photographs of students bleeding profusely from their heads, policemen in plain clothes throwing women students from barricades. The same Delhi Police who was 'protestting' against the lawyers who beat them up, who couldn't put a finger on those lawyers is doing this to students.

@Paridhigupta Shows the authorities dares only take action against innocent unarmed students while wagging their tails accommodating those in power even when they are at the receiving end.

@Fameen students have been taken to unknown locations now by the police. they are treating students like the biggest threat this country faces. It's just so sad.

@Paridhigupta Same like what happened in Tamil Nadu during Jallikattu protests. The authorities are determined to strike fear into the participants so as to discourage such protests.

@Fameen yes, all the people who are raising their voice for the rights of people are together in this, despite their differences

@CharismaticSal_ @Fameen it is heartbreaking. But i'm glad it has pushed people to trend hashtags like here and on birdsite.

@Paridhigupta on the orders of supreme leader maybe? Same thing happened at ftii when VC didn't bother to speak with protesting students - different issue but same bull-headed guys at the top.

@Kaavyanag Well, that is obvious that it is on orders coming from the top. The VC has infact refused to meet the HRD ministry delegation as well. It's absolute cowardice on the part of the VC and definite bulldozing from the top.

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