Is anyone else completely annoyed with Windows 10 updates and that you can no longer use farzi Office, and have to pay 10k?! Just what?! Ugh.

@Paridhigupta there's no update like that? I just upgraded to Windows 10 1903

@zsc mine is a pre-installed windows 10. So all the new updates basically make my pirated office stop. The same happened with another friend's laptop, had to buy the original Office then

@iamvikas in the new windows 10, for the systems bought atleast in 2019, as far as I know you cannot, you can pause them now for 7 days, unless there is an internal code for circumvent that, I don't think so. What way are you doing it?

@Paridhigupta explore office 365 if you can find a few more folks looking for legit copy.

@h_tejas I tried that with my institutional id. But that cannot work with thesis writing.

@Paridhigupta Ah, true. I am using Google Docs for many of my purposes now since last few years.

@h_tejas yeah google docs is quite fun :) but trying out OpenOffice for now

@Paridhigupta Why not OpenOffice? It’s free and has all the functionality and more. If you need you can save in doc format too. I have found it to be better than msoffice in most respects.

@Paridhigupta LibreOffice is muuuch better than OpenOffice so I would recommend that, lest you get a sour experience

@jookia ah, thanks, another person just told me the same, let me try it :) thankyou soo much!

@Paridhigupta You might want to check out the muffin bar or notebookbar or whatever they call it for a better MS Office-like UI

@Paridhigupta try libre office or open office? im not sure about the citation tools available but that can be managed with zotero :)

@ub395 I already use a manager for citations, so trying open office now :)

@Paridhigupta @ub395 libreoffice is probably better managed than OpenOffice.

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