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Computer enthusiast playing around with , Mastodon and @matrix . Also on YouTube at

Welp, I thought that would have enough libraries to last me a while, but I went into 2 situations within a single week where there isn't a package to do what I want :blobcatcoffee:

OTOH that means it's very easy for people to make a difference there.

In other news, I'm using to edit the next video on my channel, to see if it's good enough for me to switch to it :blobmiou:

My only two complaints:
1. Each text clip requires its own entry in the project bin, which makes adding one feel like a big ordeal one must carefully consider instead of something you do liberally like in Olive
2. It's not quite obvious how to make it export to an .mkv so I can preview the render as it happens

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Kdenlive is like Pokemon Red

As long as you stay on the track, it's a very advanced and stable video editor. Try to do anything funny though, and it crashes to desktop

It was the boundary between English class and PE class in a classroom with a 2.5m ceiling and long fluorescent tubes providing lighting. The English teacher decided to stay and guide us through some stretching.

They made us do a quadriceps stretch while standing on a chair (!) and told us something about this being useful for military service.

When one source is accepted as the truth, that source being compromised leads to disaster.

Just installed my first real program in - and it's a GUI program! It successfully adds the desktop shortcut and file associations too.

The extra 1GB of hard drive space used is not fun though...

Saw an ad for a language learning app that shows off the large phoneme/accent improvement, but with a grammatically wrong sentence 😂

Have the users upload their compile results to the server (ofc with a strong challenge mechanism) and then I'd be so happy 😊

I can't think of a way to do it while being safe from sybil attacks though.

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Me: They really should've saved AUR build results so that anyone who doesn't want to compile don't have to

* Reads about substitutes

Me: OH MY GOD?! :blobaww:

A fitness center picked a Josh Woodward medley as BGM today, nice :blobcat:

The first time I saw the words "Fujita scale", I thought of the Shindo/JMA earthquake scale :blobsweats:

That's a really novel fact to put in an exam... :blobcatcoffee:

Having some fun with the shadows before turning them off because my framerate is too low

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The compositor shadows are really beautiful, but they also tank my framerate so hard I'll have to leave it off 😢

: "Void pantograph": An ingenious optical-only method for making copied documents obvious to identify

I think it's time for every carrier to write the content of their promotional SMSes in a way that the user can tell they come from the carrier. For example, they can use their own private link shortener instead of .

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Spam SMSes are now arriving using both generic author strings like "SMS" and author strings that belong to... official promotional messages from the carrier :cate:

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