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Pet peeve of the day: Having to memorize categories of a continuous spectrum/space

"If there's anything wrong with the photo we're taking of you, it's ME who will be punished!"

: เรายืมคำว่า ultimate (อัลติเมท) มาสองรอบ

"[อันติมะ-] ว. สุดท้าย, สูงสุด, เช่น ความจริงอันติมะ คือ ความจริงสุดท้าย ความจริงสูงสุด. (ป.; อ. ultimate)."

ที่มา: (ไม่มี permalink)

คำแผลง (เช่น จอง -> จำนอง)
i.e. Khmer's am-infixation but we ruined it all

My channel went full YouTube today, trying to take off various simulated planes from the top of Mt. Everest! :blobmiou:

I decided to borrow a friend's entry-level(?) Wacom - it's quite comfortable, definitely more so than the Note 2 :blobmiou:


How long would it take until Chromium's source code becomes the main specification for the Web platform? That is the question.

TIL: Privacy Pass is as much a Cloudflare thing as much as ReactJS is a Facebook thing 

PrivacyPass allows you to automatically pass a specific amount of captcha tests in the future after solving one manually, i.e. less caption solves, all while not being able to create a profile of you.

Hopefully, this would be implemented and on by default in major browsers.- it looks pretty useful so far.


Youtube now displays a caption menu that says "unavailable" rather than simply removing the menu item. I'm not sure if this is better or worse usability-wise. (Though it might reduce confusion!)

This piracy guilt trip was in "Jones in the fast lane", a game by Sierra - a big name developer at a time.

A stark contrast to how piracy is handled by AAA games nowadays...

(Picture source: )

I'm building what's possibly the 2nd machine system (aka ) for the Thai language in existence. It's based on the American steno layout, mostly because I want this to be largely compatible with the infrastructure.

At this point, every possible syllable has a chord on the layout. Briefs will come later, as I'm still learning English steno at the moment!

(Gosh do I love to procrastinate lol)

And dear Microsoft: Browsing history is not a useful data for debugging.

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30 minutes in total, and I'm back at the desktop. It's getting pretty good and manageable now.

Not as good as Linux, whise reboot is no longer than a normal one, but eh

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