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Gotta say that's the first time I saw a meat-based smurf attack in real life

Bad guys be getting smart


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Computer enthusiast playing around with , Mastodon and @matrix . Also on YouTube at


When every mistake is severely punished, you end up with a society where nothing is attempted nor done.

Work is still ongoing on the AML extension to Nervhalawu. Landscaping is pretty much finished on the beginning sections, and Nervhalawu station's platforms are outlined.

(5m overtime)

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"Evaluation of average travel time reduction from aggressive lane changes at various proportions of such activity" . Proceedings of Traffic Engineers . 126 . 41-46

It's time for the rail line to be extended to Nervhalawu! One of the more significant stations on the network is under construction!

(20min overtime)

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There's a tourist destination across the hyper-busy rail line from the CS, so I made an underpass! It meshes with the Belral station footbridge (reminder: the footbridge kinda takes the place of the station building, like in a metro) by... swapping the materials!

(60m overtime)

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CS2 to Nervhalawu is open! The penultimate segment in this direction (in a while)!

(10-20min overtime)

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LRT: There are (to a rough approximation) two different kinds of Mastodon instances. "Communities" and "Services". "Topical" and "Generalistic". "Safe" and "Peachy".

The values and expectations are different between the two. Going into one expecting the other is not going to go over well.

Luckily, because Masto is federated, you can join a place that matches your preference and talk with people on other places.

For a community, you *have* to ban early and ban often, and defederate early and often.

As an admin, it's your job to protect the ✨vibes✨ of your space, to promote community, and to remove elements that are toxic or harmful.

A service doesn't work the same way. It isn't attempting to create (or promote) a specific vibe, it's just *there*. You make of it what you will, find what you will, and (as an end user) block what you will.

The admin "just" makes the service available.

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Back to construction! Rough paving of CS2 from Belral to Nervhalawu is now done. The bike path comes before the rail line this time (which is more realistic, I think).

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More "various fixes and improvements". Belral station got the benches it deserves, and Diesemerleve station got a paved footpath to the CS. (The pedestrian network is not there yet. Plus, that's one of the only two reasons that exit exists.)

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This road is a doozy. Herzinsel Rd. is now open, splitting the first cycling loop in half! We now have the "Herzinsel polygon" and the "Trout lake polygon".

(About an hour overtime)

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I think I unfollowed Elon right at the correct (wrong?) time... :BlobhajBlanketBlue:

Paving and landscaping finished for Herzinsel Rd! You might call adding half-slabs in the correct place the "fine paving" phase :BlobHajMlem:

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honestly the only way to identify these is that their posts are out of context as heck

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When spambots post entire fabricated conversations, and few enough that they don't repeat :blobsweats:

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