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Reported a too-good-to-be-true ad yesterday, and I... received a reply from the ad network that is definitely written by a human?

Modern internet advertising is weird :blobcatcoffee:

How do you apostrophe plurals? Which one seems the most correct to you?

(You're welcome to explain your choice in a reply)

TechCrunch degrades gracefully in a no-JS environment. Great job to the site's programmers!

Trying out ! It feels like the LibreOffice of decentralized software: big, old, full of features, and behind in modern expectations. :blobcat:

These are the only "weird" permissions in . Everything else can be explained by features or is in the F-Droid Germany contact tracing app as well.

I would've isolated this app by running it in a separate user, but I don't know if that's handled properly with background apps.

It is possible to do this without allowing government surveillance (unlike ThaiChana).​

It's likely the app follows this strategy, as the devs seem to be a huge fan of importing libraries.

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Since this doesn't seem to be publicized anywhere, is a western-style contact tracing app. This helps the government find people highly likely to be infected - if both you and the spreader have the app, the government doesn't even need to use the ThaiChana database to qualify you for PCR.

This also explains why it asks for so many permissions.

The source code is here (may you add the link to the google play listing pretty please?):

It took a custom ROM to make the fingerprint scanner below my screen work like the iPhone home button

But it works now :blobmiou:

Life finds a way. Training predictive user models without uploading user data (and likely nor a lot of server power):

Lots of fun theorywork in this thing. Hopefully the reference implementation goes into npm soon...

MidSequer - a sequencer for that takes advantage of the built-in synth.

No MIDI import (although converting into its plaintext native format doesn't look impossible) and a rather undiscoverable control scheme though.

Also sadly closed-source abandonware.

dungeons are quite long - over an hour long even without respawning, apparently

#gmaildown while #gmail status is all green on their dashboard ;)

For signed-out YouTube, the only things that don't load are comments and profile pictures.

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