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Re: Gab, unpopular opinion 

Gab, unpopular opinion 

I can't even... :blobpats:

(Culture help: This is a *very* last-Generation thing to do.)

When groups of people reliably chose to stand to the end of metro cars from the doors rather than the middle of the bogey :blobcatcoffee:

Speaking of which, what are the advantages of standing near the doors on a long (>3 stops) ride?

"You seem to get in trouble a lot."
"Yeah, being the harbinger of Hylian magic has its perks and downsides."
"There's just SO MUCH of it out there. Even Batrick couldn't handle it all!"
"He has other stuff on his hands, you know."
"True." '

(Disclaimer, I have not actually played a Zelda game, let alone BoTW.)

[CW: Semi-political] How we are cherishing and punishing creativity - at the same time. 

@Tusky bug report: Hashtag clickboxes for wordwrapped lines extend to the end of the line, potentially confusing people


tSLo Pets 2 review 

tSLo Pets 2 review 

Meta, discussion of bigotry 

Life as Software, huh? ?

git clone tree_of_life;
git checkout -b syn61;
sed -i 's/TAG/TAA/g' ecoli/MDS42/dna.txt;
#(...okay not exactly but close)
git add -u;
git commit -m "some refactoring and cleaning, taking out three spurious instructions";
git push;

I had a shower thought about using operons as state machines for biological logic circuits.

Turns out, while it is ludicrous, I wasn't alone here 😉


(There's a small difference in my model - the repressing sites are ANDed together instead of ORed. It is possible, however, to build an R-S flipflop from operonic NOR gates.)

Conspiratorial thinking (n)
1. To not accept a different version of events despite overwhelming evidence in favour of it.

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