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Lament of the Print Designer Who Loves 00f Blue

(I actually leave the pure blue hue range alone while doing web design, as they often become purple on different devices or be so saturated it makes my eyes bleed. My standard "blue" is shifted to the cyan side, because my usual color pair is bue-cyan.)

I just set up *another* Markov bot based on @lynnesbian 's server, but this time with a larger learning pool! It's @Glaceons, learning from @monorail, @socks, and @Frinkeldoodle .

(Sorry for the mention spam, I believe all three has to be notified of this kind of thing!)

Nice, they actually are aware of what I was about to do and patched it out! Good on you, browser devs.

It's a good thing, by the way. I was going to open a popup based on a:visited, which I rightfully labelled as a "history leak"!

This is going to be the payload of yet another "CSS is OP" experiment (if it works!) :blobcat:

Oh, so you can just tap (/click?) the radiobuttons to turn them into checkboxes.

So much for discoverability.

Tusky now supports creating polls, and - wait, multiple-choice polls? Does it even work here on m.s?

Windows: please bring back the "long update" popup when kickstarting a feature update, especially with automatic restarts. It will help tremendously with time management. Thanks in advance!

!jove is now a bang on DDG! Quickly look up video tutorials to various world-class science experiments.

(I sent the add request myself :blobcat:)

Thailand: We're 100% Wow Factor.

(cc the blockchain community)

Re: Mention of a brain-destroying YT channel 

Mention of a brain-destroying YT channel 


Let's just say that MS seems to be targeting "grannies", i.e. people who do not have much technical knowledge. (Updates on Windows 10 are a testament.) Raising an MS youth is a ridiculously good idea on Satya(?)'s part.

Fuck Microsoft.

(ELI5: Email attachments are the same everywhere - that's why you can open attachments from Gmail accounts in your Outlook account. So the notion that one app is better at emailing a file type is complete bogus.)

I'm beyond this already, I moved to Linux on all of my computers.

Most annoying thing about : post-update hooks run on first logon, for each user. I just wanna work...

Tangent: Dark Matter is similar to Lumiferous Aether... full of weird, magical properties and sparking alternate explanations.

: The Grand Design - Stephen Hawking, Leonard Mlodinow

The smaller you go, the farther from common sense physics behaves.

Particles that pull harder invisibly might seem weird, but quarks are an accepted thing in physics. Particles exist in a probability cloud until it condenses at an interaction, even retroactively. And our universe is not a result of laws, but a random sample in a large cloud we can never explore entirely.

So... physics has an intrinsic RNG after all :blobcat:

@Gargron tldr:

With the current default settings, DoH will ask Cloudflare where your websites are, and Cloudflare is now a single point of failure (or tracking). And because this rollout affects everyone, including grannies, Cloudflare will potentially become responsible for internet reliability to a large fraction of Firefox users.

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