We have ourselves a winner in the 2nd Programming Language World Championships!

Congratulations to Python, which was able to defend its title in a narrow 55 - 45 victory over C.

Third place goes to Rust with a convincing 68 - 32 against Lua.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the polls! See you next year for the third edition!

Here are some fun facts:

- Match with the highest participation: Python - C, 731 votes

- Match with the lowest participation: Fortran - Scheme, 283 votes

- Biggest win: C - COBOL, 89 - 11

- Closest matches: Fortran - Scheme, Java - Clojure & Go - Assembly all ended with a 51 - 49


Assembly over most of the above. A solid macro assembler on a good, well-documented chip architecture, and we're off to victory.


@jankoekepan @fribbledom I so want to write a 6502 ASM header file that implements a lot of common tasks for you, but still stays within the way ASM works.


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