TIL: Thai music divides the octave into 7 tones, while western music divides it into 12. i.e. the notes are incompatible and will be "out of tune" to each other.

There's probably a harmony theory out there with the 7-tone system. I haven't found one so far, but if anyone wants to help... :blobcatcoffee:

FFR: There actually seems to be no agreement on what kind of tuning is happening - one theory is that some "landmark" pairs are justly tuned and other tones are averaged between them.

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@Parnikkapore I think you are looking for "seven tone equal temperament".

@bkhl Yup, you're right! I'm looking for some kind of harmony theory within a 7-tone equal temperament scale.

@Parnikkapore You made me listen to some of it, and now I have found myself listening to this while working. Really grows on you after a while:

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