Made a small sketch. Nekostar is a Space native! (They're on a zero-g plane)

Also, this is my first ever fully digital sketch (10-minute drawing)!

Both characters by

They seem to be trying something new in Management. That's probably the reason L Boondamrong made that, er, semi-successful attempt at a mutually active class yesterday.

updates: The most glamorous phase of the blue line extension, Wat Mangkohn - Thapra, is in testing since 29 July!

The new segment is not connected to the mainline blue line just yet (stopping at opposite platforms at Hua Lampong), but you can now ride trains all the way from Bangyai to Thaphra, soon to have the same geometry as Paddington station on London's circle line. (I mean, in a few years!)


Oops, something broke...

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If this isn't peak Capitalism, I don't know what is.

(CW: An ad masquerading an honest consumer review)

An image under a CW 

Is he using irony or is he German? :blobcatcoffee:

(Most likely the latter)

Dear web designers,

Please assume that people would resize their browser windows.


Blender 2.8 workflow practice. merch drop!

English: For the first time, everyone plays on the same map at the same time!

Thai: For the first time, you'll get gifts from your friends' IAPs!

📷: Yak(2012), under fair use

Say hello to Vivian Gooper! This is my first ever attempt at digital art, entirely drawn with the mouse in Gimp. :patcat:

Time taken: ~1hr in total. Yeah, details take even more time. This is also why I used kiddy colors here. In addition, the bottom of her skirt is never meant to be shown...

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