Making progress with FWA...
* I just had to add a search button. There's no way around that one. :blobnom:
* Also, the UI elements for the play page is finished! :blobaww:

For comparison, here's my last music project, LFM Stream.It rips the page for the song number, which is fed into the API. The play page for LFM Stream would likely make it into FWA.

The headerbars are entirely made up of AI2 components, and utilizes insane nesting of HAs and VAs. The random tile in FWA is created out of a canvas.

These take a lot of work...

Development of FWA is still ongoing! Actual information is now shown on the random tile, although many more features remain...

Should I mention that it does play music now?

Something fun I found out about hyperbolas and ellipses. :blobmiou:

Strict pWA:
(x^2)/(a^2) + n((y^2)/(b^2)) = 1

Remember when we joked that SpaceX should fly the BFR from Cape Canaveral to Mojave Spaceport? Now it's happening. For real. :blobaww:

For the opening of the Mojave space terminal, SpaceX decided to do a one-orbit high-energy flight test from KSC to Mojave - with an apogee over 3000km. The test is of dual purpose - test the BFR's unique heat shield against an incredibly punishing load, and give the brand new spaceport a welcome to civilian operations.

It would've hurt to faIl,
but at least you know what causes you to faIl. :blobmiou:

In case you're interested, here's a recording of the setup in action. :blobmiou:

I guess I can finally take on this hobby :blobpats:

(And by the way, I don't generally use Python. Line 9 is a clue why.)

More photos incoming!

The pizza's edge is razor-thin, but the toppings are rather wet for my taste. (I like the crust stiff, this one can be rolled into a roti!) Despite this (and the general lack of edginess to be expected from the genre, but nothing pepper can't fix), the food is extremely enjoyable and the reception is friendly. 3.5/5!

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