"What are we waiting for?"

Again, merging another artist's character with one of my own. I am horrible at details :blobcatcoffee:

A game developer tea party! :blobpats: Mainly a study on how to draw/differentiate these three in the future. (All males! :blobmiou:)

An unnamed character a random kid drew, redrawn by me! :blobpats: What do you think I should name him? :blobmiou:

OC Time! Found her above the cooler and originally envisioned her as a nerd girl, but she evolved midway into a very strict teacher. Still way better than the Trunch though, Amanda. :blobpats:

When the rocket carrying your boyfriend to Mars exploded :blobnom: (mainly practicing drawing other people's characters!)

Alice R. belongs to @extvia@pawoo.net
Phil belongs to me.


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