27: Cheap drone

Equipment makes 30% of a good picture or movie. 30% is skill and experience, and 40% is dedication. :blobmiou:

26: Too many steps

"See, it does work!" says the CEO. :blobcatcoffee:

(Click the toot to see the whole image!)

21(b): Confirmation bias | มั่วไปก่อน

คือเค้าคืนครูไปหมดแล้วอ่าา :blobcatcoffee:

20: Butchered

Religion - what is it supposed to do? :blobcat:
(Click the picture to see the whole comic!)

19: Late for work

When the company starts penalizing you if you arrive at work late... :thaenkin:

18: Conflicting Opinions

I felt like this is what happended at GalaxyTrail when 1 is being made. 😶 Lilac needs more depth to her character.

Trying out some new characters! :blobcat: Esmeralda is the (friendly) snake, and Amanda... she ran away from the Trunch. :blobnom:

15: Typhoon

For those affected by this year's trop storms, keep calm and fight on! :blobpats:

14: Clickbait

Unfortunately, this is how journalism works nowadays. :blobnom:

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