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@KasperNymand To complicate things even more, bril*** is the website that started this whole concept. (You probably heard their website mentioned by many YouTubers in exchange for money.) Needless to say, at least that website should be blocked off in my opinion.

@KasperNymand Purism straddles the line for me (it falls on the "for-profit" side though!). Ecosia and Ducky Co. for me both belong on the "not-for-profit" side.

That said, the "Cue registrar controversies" option is there for a reason. :blobcat:

Hot take: For-profit companies should never be able to register a *.org domain.

Tagline for my next Fedi ad?
(You can reply with your own ideas)

@kaniini @pixelfed Wait, is there a standardized protocol for posts on IndieWeb? I thought the only standard in there is Webmentions.

> Dexter would be "abit" woozy from all of that hah

First he'd get disorientated, then he'd find himself spinning uncontrollably, and once he got himself under control he'd start puking as the pilots bring the plane down for landing. Nekostar got off lightly because he can push on himself in all 6 directions (very useful in space)

Made a small sketch. Nekostar is a Space native! (They're on a zero-g plane)

Also, this is my first ever fully digital sketch (10-minute drawing)!

Both characters by

"喔椸父喔佮竸喔 喙勦競喔о箟喔∴阜喔 喙佮弗喙夃抚喔堗副喔氞浮喔粪腑喔勦笝喔傕箟喔侧竾喙 喔勦福喔编笟"

喙喔炧阜喙堗腑喔: 喔曕福喔灌箑喔斷覆喙勦笖喙夃弗喔 喔覆喔∴副喔勦竸喔掂笂喔膏浮喔權父喔∴竸喔`副喙夃竾喔椸傅喙堗福喙夃腑喔⑧弗喙夃覆喔 喙佮笝喙堗箑喔ム涪喔о箞喔

"喙佮弗喙夃抚喙喔`覆喔堗赴喔腑喔佮箑喔斷复喔權笚喔侧竾喙勦笡喔斷箟喔о涪喔佮副喔 喔堗副喔氞浮喔粪腑喙勦抚喙夃箒喔ム箟喔о箘喔涏笖喙夃抚喔⑧竵喔编笝 喔∴覆喔勦福喔编笟 [喙佮笂喔 喙佮笂喔 喙佮笂喔 喔涏副喔嘳"

You know traffic is inevitable when "traffic waves" form in a single-file row of humans walking.

@brown121407 @mooboat My first server-side-rendered webpages are written in a LAMP stack, because that's what all the free web hosting providers are giving 馃槜

To this day, I don't really like making servers in any framework that doesn't implicitly route HTTP requests for me (The Pixelfed stack is a savior, the Pinafore stack the one I'm looking at). More ironically, I'm writing my new command line utils in Golang 馃檭

@brown121407 Karaoke rooms are the worst; They turn the volume up to levels where the neighbors would be knocking on the door if it's a house, and it is customarily/practically required to join in the ring, even if you're busy with something rather important and sing like a sick duck.

@pea PkG Pok茅mons seem to follow the same distribution as people! Can tell how it can be annoying to countryside players.

@clacke @flussence @monorail:

@purism should resurrect K9-Material. If they had enough resources for that, that is.

喔炧腑喔炧腹喔斷箑喔傕箟喔侧箓喔椸福喙傕競喙堗竾喙佮弗喙夃抚 "喙佮笘喔", "喔曕福喔" 喔佮副喔 "喔ム父喔" 喔熰副喔囙笖喔灌箑喔浮喔粪腑喔權竵喔编笝喙喔ム涪喔勦福喔编笟

@schnittchen Ich kann nicht dort gehen :blobugh:, weil ich Milit盲rische arbeiten habe.

@rakesh1422 Bot tag please! (Also, sharing your website name won't hurt.)

In case you're wondering, no one went in the mud pit today. Then again, it wasn't that wet to begin with!



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