@staltz That's totally the missing link in SSb Infrastructure. Direct connections between friends over the Internet(in M5 as DHT), and cross-pub syncing either directly or "through" a common user. (Matrix/Synapse does the latter.)

@barszczyk Bear in mind that, because you're keeping the whole history of your timeline in your phone (That's why the app works offline), the storage usage can grow to a couple of gigabytes. There are ways to manage this, but none of them are implemented outside of ADB. Worse, there's no way to back up or restore your account outside of ADB as of this time.

If you wish to learn more about the wider network Manyverse uses (or want to read the "whitepaper"), it's at scuttlebutt.nz/ .

Top 10 functions that should exist:

yield(int maxt = nil);
Yields the conrol flow to the JIT (which will do garbage collection, update the screen and the like)
- int maxt: Maximum time away from script (optional)

No more random GCs messing with your timing! :blobpats:

Making progress with FWA...
* I just had to add a search button. There's no way around that one. :blobnom:
* Also, the UI elements for the play page is finished! :blobaww:

@kemonine I reported two of them already for "unsolicited link spamming". Other activities exist on those, but they're mostly spamming the same exact post.

Ads masquerading as testimonials are the worst. Not to mention that they're one of the more cheap-looking ones out there. :blobcatcoffee:

TFW you write:

std::queue<int> q;


int nX = q.top(); // fatal: No function std::queue::top(), did you mean: std::queue::front()

Politics (n)
A never-ending battle to decide which side of the seesaw is supposed to be down (and how we should finally balance it in the middle forever)

For comparison, here's my last music project, LFM Stream.It rips the page for the song number, which is fed into the API. The play page for LFM Stream would likely make it into FWA.

The headerbars are entirely made up of AI2 components, and utilizes insane nesting of HAs and VAs. The random tile in FWA is created out of a canvas.

These take a lot of work...

Development of FWA is still ongoing! Actual information is now shown on the random tile, although many more features remain...

Should I mention that it does play music now?

In the family court, there's no lawyer. There's no court of appeal. And changing judges is a legal mountain hike.

And there's no escape.

I mean, sure, she's the relative Oracle, but she acts like the definite oracle even though she could always be wrong or miss a facet.

But when you enter a court, the judge has all the power.

And as such, we are stuck with the tyrannical influence of our wives for very long. And it has already leaked into pop culture.

As a result, the grown women often behave like they're the center of the universe. Their aura of perceptible influence washes over everyone, and their purported wisdom overpowers everyone else.

To tyrannical and selfish levels.

It is publicly known that Zues is the ultimate god of Greek mythology.

Although in real life, Hera seems to be the being who holds that gleaming title.

Source: My household.

@fribbledom Those are two of my current languages too! (Thanks a lot, coding compos!) Alongside JS, I guess.

Although I wish we have a CPP-but-without-the-fossils.

Wait, It's called Go. :blobcat:

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