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The largest laughs I ever got in a presentation.

I find myself having way more conversations on the than somewhere else, particularly because I found people I can connect to and feel close. At first I thought discovery will be a sore point of Masto/APub, but FOAF is stupid powerful.

Welp, here comes ArcoLinux; Arch + Calamares. Antergos, take note!

P.S. I'm still gonna use Manjaro on the bleeding-edge computer. It's to Archies what Mint is to Ubuntu.

More photos incoming!

The pizza's edge is razor-thin, but the toppings are rather wet for my taste. (I like the crust stiff, this one can be rolled into a roti!) Despite this (and the general lack of edginess to be expected from the genre, but nothing pepper can't fix), the food is extremely enjoyable and the reception is friendly. 3.5/5!

พี่ๆ ที่คัดสรรดีมากเค้าทำ Sarabun TTF ออกมาแล้วรึ?

เจ๋งๆ จะได้เปิดเอกสารทางการได้ซะที

(ไฟล์ที่โหลดได้มันมี Whitespace กว้างมาก)

ลินุกซ์ทะเลเป็นดิสโทรแรกที่นำพาผมเข้ามาในโลกลินุกซ์ วีคนี้ก็เลยต้องมาทำ Homage กันซักหน่อย...

เป้าหมายของโปรเจ็ค MX TLE คือ บู้ตมาแล้วพิมพ์เอกสารโลด ไม่ต้องนั่งงง ไม่ต้องนั่งแปล

LinuxTLE is my first ever distro, so here's a little homage to it based on ! :blobpats: The goal of MXtle is to be seamless to browse the web with for Windows saviours.

I personally try write image mouseovers that make sense both read right after the toot (in an a11y context) and as an image meta (in a visual setting). Mouseovers don't have to look bland to a sighted person, and can even give extra interpretation clues.

Dear the AP,
I know this might sound crazy, but letting the dragon gang into Dreamside might actually save the land.

I understand that the last interstellar visitors have caused havoc, but we do have a reason to believe otherwise for this particular batch. Notably, the LCM squad has beaten up an intergalactic warlord before. Plus, they are messengers of technology, which we sorely lack.

I wish you would understand my points, and give these new visitors a chance.

Yours truly,
Dulcimer Gong


(The W95 startup sound is only there as a surprisingly appropriate placeholder! I'll probably make my own startup sound later.)

#linux #xfce

"What are we waiting for?"

Again, merging another artist's character with one of my own. I am horrible at details :blobcatcoffee:

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