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Denmark pays its students $1,000 a month to go to university and charge no tuition fees. Students are seen as an investment in the future rather than a cost.

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CNN "Bernie wins the coveted AOC endorsement, which is good for Bernie, but may be great for Warren." To discuss they have on a McCain Republican & a Hillary aide.

Could they be more ridiculous?

AOC's endorsement was an epic win for Bernie and they know it.

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@Partyofreason Glad you made it! Any questions re: the platform, DM me, or just toot out with questions & others will help.

Our goal is to use Mastodon like a big Slack group. We can watch & react to Twitter, get the word out about breaking Bernie news, bring other Twitter Lefties here for Bernie's arrival.

Every day, many people email info@berniesanders.com asking him to open his Mastodon server. The more of us who do that, the better. Here's to uncensored social media! 🐘 🔥


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