I just learned about Korean Pokémon names and it's killing me

(via hantype.co/pokemon-korean/)

From today's trip to the Australian Botanic Gardens.

Hey, so I set up an account on tabletop.social and wandering.shop!

I'm going to give this multi-instance thang a go. I was real suhcared before, not gonna lie. Any tips?

For dnd press 1: patchworkmind@tabletop.social

For writing and books, press 2: patchworkmind@wandering.shop

How about avatars, meeps? Keep them the same across all accounts or differentiate them?

Re Last Boost: It is everything that you could want in a live tweet.

It's time to watch Batman vs. Superman, Gay of Gay. I'm in it for Wonder Woman and the invisible moustache.

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> People who can't distinguish between etymology and entomology bug me in ways I cannot put into words.

might create a positive 'attention economy' allowing ethical producers to reach people who *want* their message. I like it! boingboing.net/2018/05/01/high

Would it be okay if I asked for boosts?

I'm an audiobook narrator on ACX and Findaway looking to build my list. I particularly love narrating books with science fiction and fantasy elements.

If you're an author looking to commission audio versions of your short stories or novels (on ACX, Youtube, or elsewhere!) I'd really really love to hear from you. I adore this work and would like to do more!

Samples: acx.com/narrator?p=A1SNG47CN6H

[opens Birdsite]
[closes Birdsite]
[sets computer on fire]
[leaves civilization forever]

Hey, meeps. Anyone ever used ? What did you think of it? Does it have any advantages or special purposes that distinguishes it from other networks or is it mostly the same? I ain't signin' up to something just for it to do something my other does.

Also, that is the noise the roadrunner makes.

Meep meep.

Mastodon people = masto people = masto peeps = ..... meeps?

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