Hey, so I set up an account on tabletop.social and wandering.shop!

I'm going to give this multi-instance thang a go. I was real suhcared before, not gonna lie. Any tips?

For dnd press 1: patchworkmind@tabletop.social

For writing and books, press 2: patchworkmind@wandering.shop

How about avatars, meeps? Keep them the same across all accounts or differentiate them?

Re Last Boost: It is everything that you could want in a live tweet.

It's time to watch Batman vs. Superman, Gay of Gay. I'm in it for Wonder Woman and the invisible moustache.

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> People who can't distinguish between etymology and entomology bug me in ways I cannot put into words.

might create a positive 'attention economy' allowing ethical producers to reach people who *want* their message. I like it! boingboing.net/2018/05/01/high

[opens Birdsite]
[closes Birdsite]
[sets computer on fire]
[leaves civilization forever]

Hey, meeps. Anyone ever used ? What did you think of it? Does it have any advantages or special purposes that distinguishes it from other networks or is it mostly the same? I ain't signin' up to something just for it to do something my other does.

Also, that is the noise the roadrunner makes.

Meep meep.

Mastodon people = masto people = masto peeps = ..... meeps?

When i read fiction, it is like visiting a country I have never been to before, but so much more intense and life-changing. Libraries are the exotic cities of people’s minds, filed away, neatly and quietly

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