@philbarker joys of 3 million row tables and how best to join them. I know how to write sql but not how to write it well

Any one here good with MySQL? Need some pointers on big database management and queries

Kinda fucking hilarious to get content warning about jobs but not racism.

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Stuck pondering if the issue with Twitter and mastodon schisms is people don’t want small chats and foam they want something concise.
Logic says that’s blogging but I feel newsletters are a better bet as it has a narrative arc?

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Do you want to teach Art Games & Playable Media in an intersectional feminist, queer/trans, decolonial program in the redwoods by the beach? We've had some big changes around here & are hiring lecturers for next year asap! Apply here: recruit.ucsc.edu/JPF01026 DM me with questions!

Being here on what’s basically a four year old account feels like I’ve opened a time capsule of a younger me

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PLEASE SHARE! I am soliciting stories about working in under austerity. Read more and contribute: t.co/TSwkHuCD0f

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.io colonialism Chagos Islands 

Remember everytime you see a .io domain name you are seeing colonialism and the forced clearance of Chagos people


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@Tdorey @katebowles @mahabali @cogdog @actualham @Dan_Blick @lauraritchie @fgraver @Autumm @clhendricksbc @jaklumen guess a bit like federalism here - is talking about the same link one conversation or n conversations about 1 thing

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It turns out i like urban sprawl and squats more than house prices


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