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The ruins of the remaining wall of the Benin kingdom still stand up to date, with a photograph taken at the time when the kingdom was still functional (4th Frame pix).

The ancient Kingdom of Benin is found in Nigeria πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ which was destroyed by British colony at the time.

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Humbled by a hill from Kirkfieldbank to Sandilands to get here, but worth it to see the ruins of Carmichael House. The village nearby is arguably one of the loveliest in Lanarkshire.

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The imposing ruins of Tyrone house, Co Galway. Once home to the St George family, it was burnt down during the War of Independence.

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antalaotra, madagascar

a 16th cent. capital of the maselagache state -a swahili diaspora in madagascar
importing iron and textiles from arabia & india, battering it for rice and other goods
ruins include swahili-style coral houses, mosques, cemeteries

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Latin word of the day:

herba, -ae f. = herb, plant 🌱

Overgrown ruins of the Roman city of Jerash.

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The bridge (Puente Romano) over the Guadiana River near MΓ©rida (Spain). First built in the C1st AD, it is one of the longest surviving Roman bridges, & although it has been rebuilt several times, retains most of its ancient appearance.

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Semipalatinsk Test Site, Kazakhstan, the primary venue for the Soviet Union's nuclear weapons testing program (1949-1989). Nearly a quarter of the world’s nuclear tests took place here.

[Nadav Kander/ Grigory Bedenko/ Alain Nogues/]

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The Downtown Seattle section was largely influenced by my experience visiting Ground Zero in 2001, 24 days after the attack on 9/11.

Taking this experience, and getting to process it through making concepts has been important for me.

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At long last I made it: a trip into the remote Gansu countryside to track down the town of Liqian ιͺŠι¬, to which is attached the strangest of stories: that it was founded by the lost legionnaires of Crassus, whose descendants still till the local countryside. Thread. 1/13

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Aquis Querquennis, Spain.

It was a Roman fort built during the reign of Vespasian and abandoned c. 120 AD. It was occupied by a subordinate detachment of the legio VII Gemina, with their primary headquarters being located in LeΓ³n.

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The gigantic Runit Dome in the Marshall Islands, a concrete coffin holding 3.1 m cubic feet of US-produced nuclear waste. It's now at risk of collapsing, leaking out radioactive substances left behind from some of the world’s largest atomic weapons tests

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Summer residence of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh near Chenab river (Rasool Nagar district Gujranwala)
Via- Abdul Qayyul

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The Stone Constructions of Great Zimbabwe are divided into 3 areas: Hill Ruin, Great Enclosure, and Valley Ruins.

The Hill Ruin dates back to 1250, and has a cave that is a sacred site forΒ ShonaΒ People.

Shona people built them between the 11th and 15th century.

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The now silent, strangely beautiful ruins of the Cloth Hall taken post war from the Rue de Lille, Ypres.

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Amidst the tales of a glorious past lie the mesmerising ruins of the immortal Hampi..!

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A photo of two Assyrians, separated by 2500 years, taken by Gertrude Bell in May 1909. On the right is a certain Shimun, brother of a Qasha Mattai.

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