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: Saryazd Castle, Iran.

Built during the Sassanid Dynasty (the 3th-7th century) out of adobe, Saryazd was once used as a stronghold for the protection of grains, jewellery & other valuables.

There are 480 rooms, in varying states of crumbled ruin.

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We are lucky that Bash Tapia Castle has survived the most brutal war in Mosul.
A ruined 12th-century castle located on the western bank of the Tigris river, forming part of the city wall of . Partially damaged by the first airstrike on Mosul in July 17, 2014.

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: The Palace of Ardashir Pāpakan, Iran.

Built in 224 CE by King Ardashir I of the Sassanid Empire, it is located 2km north of the ancient city of Gor.

The Sassanid Empire collapsed abruptly over 5 years due to Arab military successes in the 7th century.

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Abandoned for 350 years, the Abo Ruins are part of the Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument near Mountainair, .

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Byzantine fortress of Beçin, overlooking Milas (ancient Mylasa)
The site became more prominent when the Menteşe Turks came to control the region. The settlement by the castle has numerous ruins, largely dating to the Menteşe era.
Photos taken last week

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Creating a miniature ruinscape...

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Prenons une minute pour admirer le travail de l'équipe de maquettistes lors du tournage de Blade Runner 2049 ! (via: u/BromaEmpire sur Reddit)

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The fort at Tomen y Mur in Gwynedd, North Wales. Founded by Agricola, probably to watch over the local Ordivices population, it was evidently abandoned in the C2ndAD. Earthworks show that the fort had a ludus (military amphitheatre), one of the few in Britannia.

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Ruins of Yediler monastic complex (probably Kellibarion Monastery) on Mount Latmos / Beşparmak Dağları
Plan of monastic complex by Peschlow
Photos taken on Thursday

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In the studio today cooking up Episode 7! Can't wait to share it with you all.

This one is 17,500 words long, and will be the longest episode yet. It will probably be a 4-hour record. 🥺

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From Messene , cut from one piece of limestone these lion headed water spouts, in between acanthus scrolls, on the entablature sat on top of Doric pillars

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A satisfied lion with the head of an ass still in his possession, is led out of the arena by his elderly keeper, Nennig Roman mosaic, 2nd century AD

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Piscina Mirabilis, Miseno, Italy. An immense cistern dug out of the cliff face that held drinking water for Rome's western fleet, based at Misenum

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In the studio today with @reebr_@twitter.com and @jbarrettmills@twitter.com, recording guest parts for Episode 7!

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We have an impressive Iron Age Scottish Broch today. Carloway Broch on the Isle of Lewis. It is situated above Loch an Duin on a rocky knoll in a good defensive position - Brochs are Iron Age structure designed to impress and defend.

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Labraunda was an important sanctuary in ancient Caria particularly under the Hekatomnids, who build the Temple of Zeus Labraundos in the 4th century BC. The East Church, West Church and Tetraconch of Labraunda are noteworthy Late Antique structures.
Photos taken yesterday

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Old English word of the day - Eoforwīc, "York"

Compound of eofor "wild hog" and wīc "settlement, dwelling place"

In the early medieval period, York would have provided perfect shelter against 30-50 rampant wild hogs.

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: The Theatre of Pergamon, Turkey.

Built during the 3rd century to seat 10,000 spectators, & on an unusually steep incline for a Roman theatre, its highest seat is 36m above the stage.

The city was damaged in a 262 earthquake & was sacked by the Goths shortly after

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