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A city without a museum is a dead city. The restoration of Mosul Museum was a huge and important step. Thanks to everyone who contributed to bring it back. twitter.com/CoalitionAR/status

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A glorious tomb in the Roman town of Ocriculum (Otricoli) Umbria, Italy spotlight just before a storm breaks.

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Stepwell inside the Hindu Rai Hospital Complex. It is said that this Tughlaq Era Stepwell had a tunnel, through which Feroz Shah could cross, mounted on a horse. When British tried to find it, they did find the tunnel. But it was not as huge as described by medieval writers.

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Old Penn's demolition, 1964-66.

Silver lining I guess was that its loss was a catalyst for the architectural preservation movement in the US, particularly NYC - in 1965 the city passed a landmarks preservation act, creating the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission.

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Vestiges of its former splendor may still be seen. You will find subterraneous buildings, aqueducts, underground passages; and stoves contrived with wonderful art, to transmit the heat through narrow tubes passing up the side walls.

- Gerald of Wales (d.1223) on Roman Caerleon

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On this date - May 13, 1985 - Philadelphia Police dropped a bomb from a helicopter on a home owned by radical black nationalist group MOVE, destroying the house, killing 5 adults and 6 children, and causing a fire that burned down 61 black middle class homes. 1/

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: Ta Prohm Temple in Angkor, Cambodia.

Built by Jayavarman VII in the late 12th and early 13th centuries, the temple'sย records show that it was home to more than 12,500 people. When the Khmer Empire fell in the 15th century, it was abandoned.

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Capturing the ghostly frescoes of abandoned places across Europe before they disappear forever - Romain Veillonโ€™s gorgeous new series โ€˜Le Musรฉe Imaginaire'

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1868 :: View of Hampi and Stone Chariot With Dome

(Photo - British Library )

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Baalbek was the largest Roman temple ever built & sits atop thousand-ton stone blocks. (The pillars of Stonehenge weigh a fraction of that.) But letโ€™s not forget that like Palmyra, itโ€™s also an Islamic site, a medieval citadel. Islamic towns were cleared by modern archaeologists. twitter.com/paulmmcooper/statu

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Like a rug that needs straightening out.
An incredible mosaic found during the construction of the Antakya Museum Hotel, Turkey. Itโ€™s the largest single expanse of mosaic in the world covering 1050 sq. metres

Photograph by @CemalEmden@twitter.com/@EmreArolatArch
Via instagram.com/p/BxF4bqcl3Y1/?u

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A thread on the great library of King Ashurbanipal, discovered in the ruins of Nineveh: The first universal library, the source of our first story, and a lost wonder of the ancient world.

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Blown away by Tom Chandler's 'Visualising Angkor' project, seeking to bring the ancient city back to life using digital animation based on cutting-edge LIDAR data.

Source: virtualangkor.com/

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"A Hermit Praying in the Ruins of a Roman Templeโ€ by Hubert Robert, c. 1760.

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: The head of a Buddha absorbed into a banyan tree in Ayutthaya, Thailand.

The head was a sculpture in the Wat Mahathat temple, which was abandoned after Ayuttahaya was sacked by the Burmese in the 18th century.

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