Get reporting folks and get shot of him @SteveSayers - bye steve we don't want you here.

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@Paula_Rose has this Yoon goon landed here.

@Paula_Rose @Jab64000 Like any other new user he’s welcome here until he breaks one of our rules.

@trumpet @Paula_Rose @Jab64000
I agree.
Personally I'll be ignoring him. Others can make their own decision.

@trumpet @Paula_Rose I agree which is why I didn’t report him ( nothing to report him for) but I let a couple of friends know that he (IMHO) is not a nice person and someone I would not choose to follow

@ScotlandTheGood @trumpet @Paula_Rose I blocked him. I stopped following him on Twitter when I saw some of his less savoury tweets and some articles about photography that he takes

@Paula_Rose thanks. I've also blocked him. I'm not having him disturbing my zen here! 😄

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