12.9K new users on mastodon.social this week. Don’t know off-hand how the numbers for the fediverse at large look


@Gargron is this fediverse a different universe outside mastodon?

@PawanKamboj @Gargron mastodon is just one platform. there are others, such as pleroma, which people use to create servers/instances which all communicate with one another, or "federate" (that's what we call the fediverse)

@PawanKamboj @Gargron mastodon is part of the fediverse!

there is other software that can interact with mastodon, too. misskey, pleroma, gnu/social, etc. (mastodon is one of the most popular parts of the fediverse though.)

@PawanKamboj @Gargron Mastodon is a part of the fediverse. Other social applications (pixelfed, peertube,...) that support the AcitivityPub protocol can interact with eachother.

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