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So just to make things easier from now on I will NOT be retweeting stuff from my Twitter account. And I will be tooting exclusively in English. Hopefully this will make things easier for everyone.

Beware though, I'm gonna shitpost about nft's because that's something i'm really into right now unfortunately. Hope you're ready or something.

Maybe then I'm gonna be back here and people will understand the value of decentralisation. For now, I'm probably going to be off here again for a couple of weeks (months?). Still like it tho and read it sometimes!

@dansup I'm trying to get pixelfed installed. I did create mysql database (10.1) and no dice. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong or how to proceed?

There’s new Nextcloud version and my Nextcloud instance is still saying that 17 is the newest version available. I think I might be fkcd somewhere

TIL: If you send someone an iMessage consisting only of “pew pew” it will be send automatically with Laser effect.

I’m not sure if you’re all aware but you should all toss a coin to your witcher.

That’s why I have pulled the switch and finally moved entirely to @DuckDuckGo. It’s just better designed. It’s that simple.

@mastonaut Tweetbot for Mac has this feature called global shortcut for new tweet. Basically whenever it’s opened somewhere in the background you can open the new tweet modal. It’s great. It would be neat if Mastonaut would have the same thing.

Found it. This is the best Mac app for Mastodon. It’s called Mastonaut and it’s freaking good.

Also I just tried track AND mouse at the same time. It is great. Why I didn't try it before.

For the first time in a very long time I have a VPN service that I'm happy about. Mullvad is highly recommended one. Works like a charm.

I thought getting Mast for Mac was a good idea but this app is broken on Mac as well as on iOS... Living that browser dream then. No worries. Also @tootapp is the best damn app for Mastodon for iOS because it always WORKS.

I finally did it. I went full @mullvad today. Just because my Google Cloud VPN just basically exploded (no idea why). 5 euro per month - that's really great price to pay for this nice service so overall I'm pretty happy.

I have like a lot of data (300gb) that I would like to store and access basically on regular basis. I would use iCloud for that, but I would have to pay for 2TB. Google - 1TB (at the same price as iCloud lol). Ideas?

I'm also hosting my own rss box. It allows you tu make feed out of Instagram/YouTube/Twitter profile. This one is out for them as well. And also I'm hosting my own VPN with pihole. This one is not out. Might never be. But also - I might be a good person to curate it so... maybe I will give it out and start charging for this?

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