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I love my iPhone. But everytime I see this guy with his OnePlus thingy and I'm like yeah well maybe I should do the switcheroo...

This is where this ends. was a cool experiment of mine to create my own mastodon instance, but cost is high and value low. Therefore in this very moment I’m destroying completely all the data and killing the droplet. 👋🏻

Just for the record: nothing has changed. I guess I’m properly fckd

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And also I'm trying to move from my own instance to this one (and move my followers) but guess how it's going.

Bad. Apparently there's issue with linking (?) and even though I've linked my old account with this one, the old one says that it's not back referenced. So yeah, it's great.

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Ugh, so having your own Mastodon instance is cool and fun, but also really quickly goes up in costs even when you're alone with a few folks.

So just to make things easier from now on I will NOT be retweeting stuff from my Twitter account. And I will be tooting exclusively in English. Hopefully this will make things easier for everyone.

Well, that was a long day

W sklepie z elektronika na osiedlu już można kupić Folda. Trochę się tego nie spodziewałem, tak szybko już będzie w 2nd hand.

Ja rozumiem wszystko, ale kupić iPada, żeby zrobić z niego komputer… Może jednak nie rozumiem wszystkiego. 🧐
I've been using a @brydgetech Pro+ keyboard prototype with trackpad with my iPad Pro since early September.

Definitely the most natural Brydge form factor to date. Trackpad's a bit small, but it's so nice to have it all-in-one.


Po długim czasie wróciłem do strzelania. Jednak tego się nie zapomina.

Jest taki jeden dobry duch Twittera, który zwie się i razem z kolejną dobrą duszą robią świetny podcast jakim jest O technologiach i internecie, tak jak wy, to nie wiem czy wielu innych umie. Dzięki :-)

Czy wiecie, że poza normalnymi odcinkami robimy też dodatkowe After Dark, w których rozmawiamy na dodatkowe tematy, opowiadamy ciekawe historie i robimy różne cuda?

Sprawdź, już za 3 dolary miesięcznie!

Who wants to start the new year with some extra cash? 🤔

RT this tweet + create a new group in the app and send us a request at 07934 483366 - you choose the amount 💸

*must be following so we can DM you*

T&C's apply

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