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Pea Head Games

Testing UI been busy sorting out a few things the past week.

I dropped my publisher due to a few things that I thought a publisher shouldn't do.

Been sorting out some form of crowd funding.

We can now be found on Brightlocker here.

"A diamond of storytelling in the scrap pile... A disturbing yet strangely familiar dystopian society in which social inequality is systemic, the top one percent have their own one percent, and the birth of A.I has resulted in a massive population of unemployed sentient robots."

I talk to @PeaHeadGames about his upcoming cyberpunk RPG Neon Sword and working with Jane Whittaker a film/game legend known for Alien Vs. Predator, 007 for N64, and James Bond films

I'm not sure what I'm doing here but a friend said to make an account here... so here goes...

I've been working on a for over a year called Neon Sword; I started the story in 2012 and now here I am making my own open world.