Goodness. Haven’t done this for ages. And I’ve had so many good things lately, lucky me

Been to the theatre for 3rd time in a week!
Lovely walk along the beach
Had excellent company at theatre after my both my sons had to drop out

Wordle 333 3/6


not for arachnophobics 

Now I’m going to have to burn the house down

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Long walk through the bluebell woods
Packed ready for week away
Chat with lovely lady who, when she was 17, was my daughter’s nanny

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1. got to facetime my little niece and saw a silly picture she drew
2. got to take a nap which is my favorite time of the day
3. bought myself a new cute outfit online can’t wait to try it on


Didn’t wake up til 5am
Ice cream on the beach with my little granddaughter
Cleared the ironing basket

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@Peasbloss @Missmollymoll Wed have the best of times Bloss, we’d be fat and happy for weeks ❤️

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The luck just keeps piling on! You have a good one too

Last night I dreamt I parked my car in a roadside Starbucks, went for a walk and a coffee, and when I came back someone had stolen my car. It was so vivid I had to get up and check my car was still
on the drive

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I dream one day, I will see a cat with a ‘missing lamppost’ poster stuck to it.

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@Peasbloss Thanks! There's a lot of building stuff involved with beekeeping, which is quite enjoyable, usually. Mind you, now I've done one roof I know what I'm doing 😁

Morning. Happy Wednesday….Or as it is in my little corner of the world, Friday. With apologies to all those who work full time

Why do I keep seeing this “I'” in people’s posts?

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