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really glad i don't have to deal with that shitty tower case anymore

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I wish people in this fandom would stop making fursonas for famous / famous-adjacent people. If they want a fursona they should have to awkwardly design one and steadily flanderize it into a niche fetish over time like everyone else.

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developers having powerful development hardware is actively harmful to usable software existing

there is literally an order of magnitude of power difference between the machines many developers use to create their software and the machines that their users will have - and that's assuming the users have brand new (but average) hardware

today's developers write software pretending that there will always be infinite resources, because the computers we have *let* them do that without consequences

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twin peaks aired on abc and is therefore a member of the disney family

i just checked the headwound i got in a freak velomobile accident this morning, definitely real red organic blood. unless people don't have that and i've been edited during the upload

capcha just responded to me ticking "i'm not a robot" with "incorrect". troubling or possibly extremely cool development

another day being inconvenienced by my own biology

that's a novel mechanism to put shirts on

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Ask your doctor/mechanic if becoming a cyborg is right for you

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my drawing got a like from lobst, mission complete

bike check:

- Raleigh Record Sprint

- "Aerospace contour" R501 steel frame

- concave rims

-helicomatic hub is harder to find spares for than betamax

- most rad decals


i'm stupid and my brain is bad and i love star trek

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7am is not a remotely healthy bedtime but ere i am

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