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I want a pop-up blocker that also automatically hides modals for fake customer service chat, subscribing to newsletters, allowing location and notifications, and that bar at the bottom asking me to consent to cookies

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frankly elon musk seems kinda unstable right now, I'm pretty sure one competent saboteuse could get him to transition, divest from Tesla, and become a Maoist in a matter of months

sudo rm /bin/vim
sudo ln -s /bin/nano /bin/vim

reading sabrina online because i've lost control of my life, and within four strips sabrina goes from excitedly buying a BlizzardPPC amiga upgrade to typefucking someone on irc

running obsolete software in virtualbox was annoying and mint stopped coming back from standby so, eh

well i guess i'm not running linux anymore

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can i just say? god bless mark stanley. man has been drawing sam starfall the exact same way down to the line for 21 years now. i can't even draw the same character twice in a row

first img (1998):
second img (2019):

decided that 24 bit colour and a powerpc don't add anything to the experience really. i miss screen dragging too much and the system is unpleasantly loud because of the "unique" (bad) cooling system

i'm going back to 68030. i doubt the powerpc card would be able to cool properly in the Checkmate 1500+ i have coming anyway

@Lobst what did you do to learn blender? tutorials or just experiment?

Ryzen 5 2600
GTX 1660ti
16GB DDR4-3000

got some fans coming in tomorrow and then i can close the case. quietness is the priority

i built a new computer and it's got 2019 parts in it, so i probably can't run windows 7

i had windows 10 on it for a couple hours and no amount of tweaking would get it comfortable. hard pass

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