Today I spent more time than I'd like to admit putting a Raspberry Pi 3B through its paces as a web media box (mostly Youtube and Twitch VODs). Running Raspbian it's surprisingly capable; there's screen tearing on anything higher than 720p30, but it's leagues better than the 2011-era netbook I was planning to use for this

Raspberry Pi 4 as netbook replacement 

Thinking about this; one of the bummer aspects of selling my old netbook was recognizing that many aspects of it (the display, chassis, and I/O) are still totally fine, it's really just the parts that'd be otherwise housed in an ITX case that'd have to be replaced. At this point I'm waiting for the Nexdock 2 to come out so I can find out how feasible this actually is for my solderless lifestyle

Raspberry Pi 4 as netbook replacement 

(in the event that reviews are positive, the plan is to just mount the pi 4 case and an external SSD on the nexdock's lid with heavy-duty velcro strips)


Raspberry Pi 4 as netbook replacement 

@Lobst one of these days someone has to make a good arm laptop

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