Sunday. Oof. I better get something productive done.

Oh yeah I’m on a platform run by a person who thinks.

TERFS are bad. Be a.. a T...IRF instead.
(The I is for “inclusive”. I’m bad at PR)

Yes, Mastodon? I brought 9 people here. Please make my check out to- wait there are no ADS? No MONEY?

... alright I’m starting to get why people like this.

@Peppercoyote if you go there you can see 1000 people discovering this thing at the same time. Also apparently everyone here is communist.

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So the Federation tab is like looking at ALL OF TWITTER AT THE SAME TIME.

That’s kinda cool.

Greenbay is a fun team because when they get a touchdown, the guy who got it leaps into the front row of fans for pets. They pet him and everyone smiles.

Guys. Keep explaining Mastodon to me. It genuinely helps.

Hey I don’t understand this app yet but I’m told THIS is the place to yell at each other now?

I’m ready.


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