It Costs You Ten Seconds To Reassure And Inspire People On Here To Be Strong And Keep Trying So They Can Make Their Way To The Greater Things They’re Truly Capable Of.

The Cost Of Not Doing So Is Immaterial, And As Such Is Immeasurable, But Is Certainly Immense.

Just watched Spiderman into the spiderverse and it was SO GOOD!

f.............fingers in his his.....ass......

k-k-kanye we-west he likes *shniffles* b-big fingres inn his ass *bursts into tears*

There Are Only Two Genders: Homestuck And Vocaloid Kinnies Rioting Over Hatsune Miku Getting Banned, And People Confused About Why Everyone’s Leaving .social

drama/discourse ///// 

if youre reading this I believe in you and know you'll do spectacularly

Okay I'm done sending my online friends positivity! Heheh... Expect more later everyone...

@stupidercupider Oh! You too!
You're such a good friend and a good person in general, and talking to you makes me so happy! Your ocs are really good (Can't wait to see Cassiopeia in action) and I honestly hope you have a great week.

@olifer Hiya! You're honestly really nice and fun to talk to, and I know you're not that confident about your ocs, but they're good in my opinion! I like them a lot!

if u wanna be my lover u must first be:
1. Own a cow
2. Let me pet a cow
3. Love me in return

@PuzzlingTrash GIULLY! HELLO! You're the last friend I know the username of so you're the last friend I'll be sending positivity to but I just wanted to let you know that I ADORE your ocs, and you're honestly such a pleasure to be around and talk to. Have a wonderful day!

@PeptoBismol (wipes my tears away) youre so sweet!!!
youre the ruler of pepto bismol....

@p2 Hey Alys! Don't know if you come on here anymore but I just wanted to let you know that your art has one of my favorite styles ever, and your ocs are honestly so well planned out and gorgeous.

@KamMckammy Hello my lesbian friend! You are a QUEEN and have REALLY FUCKING GOOD OCS. You're so fucking valid, seriously.

@thallium Hello! You're a wonderful person who has great art and wonderful ocs! I hope you have a good life and have something lucky happen to you very soon!

@oldfacemagenta1994 Hello my friend! You won't recognize me because this is a blog made with any of my friends' knowledge and I haven't spoken about who I am at all on here, but I just wanted to hop in and tell you that I appreciate you a lot. You're a kind person who's incredibly talented, and I hope that you have a wonderful day.
Hell, I hope you have a wonderful LIFE.

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