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Pop tarts are red,
Sometimes they're blue,
And also, fuck you

Not about the politics:

I used to live in DC, while homeless, and there were frequent curfews due to political unrest.

This often led to homeless people who had nothing to do with the situation getting detained and harassed. This group is probably going to be doing a lot of work for the DC homeless community.

Please consider giving them some money. Thank you

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Like #cyberpunk but don't got 60 bucks? Wanna support indiedevs that don't crunch workers and exploit marginalized communities? Neofeud is 70% off ($4.50)!
"Secretly the greatest and also funniest cyberpunk point and click adventure game on Steam."
--Steam Reviewer

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Mastodon is literally the only place I've seen folx Dunk On .

Honestly, I'm here for it. I'm wary of anything that has Unusually High Praise on Reddit.

Cyberpunk 2077, review 

It includes some five paragraphs on the trans issues with the game. The review was written by Carolyn Petit, a trans woman.

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Cyberpunk games you can play instead of the terrible one:
Diary of a Spaceport Janitor
Umurangi Generation
Neo Cab
Quadrilateral Cowboy
Anything by @silverspookgames

And lots, lots more in this thread:

@emsenn Lol. I'm planning a "Actual Cyberpunk" series with some of my fellow indigenous and indie devs including Umurangi Generation, 1870: Cyberpunk Forever, as some small part against the inevitable planet-wide obliteration of whatever relevance 'cyberpunk' once had.

straight-up blocking folk who talk about blahblah 2077 but haven't played neofeud.

(you can follow the dev and learn cool shit about real cyberpunk here at @silverspookgames

You don't hear about the people keeping to themselves and staying in, because

1. That's the same shit they've been doing.
2. They have nothing to report, they're not getting sick.
3. Assholes making this shit worse is way more interesting to talk about.

Just remember, there are still huge swaths of us taking this seriously. Your FOMO is valid, and we're sharing that pain together.

Neofeud is a cyberPUNK game about police murder of minorities, social, racial & economic inequality, & the prison/military/police-industrial complex, made by a poverty-line POC social worker (me!) Help us pay some bills and put food in our kids mouths this Thanksgiving!

if she's your girl why is she ignoring MY earnest and somewhat patronising reply to her FOSS shitpost

Try journaling if you’ve never tried it before. There are a lot of different ways to do it and lot of resources available to help you get started.

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